Thursday, February 10, 2011

What does Bond & SFR have in common?

Two great interviews! That's what!

The first involves a live, hot cover model and the other introduces us to one of our own SFRB members.

SFRBrigader Maree Anderson discovered the man on the cover of her latest release, FROM THE ASHES, wasn't a digitally created model but a real live guy.

She interviews Sam Bond, best known for his role as "Atlas" from the UK TV series Gladiators and what a fantastic read! Check it out - Interview with Sam Bond!

Who's That Girl? interview - A lady after my own heart drops in today.

She writes action-adventure SFR (dare I say her work reminds a little of me of Linnea Sinclair!), enjoys reading JRWard and loves going to conferences. She's published with Noble Romance.

Please come on over and say hi to Jess Anastasi.

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