Sunday, February 20, 2011

Solar Flares, CME and Me

Lately I've been deep in research on solar flare activity and CMEs for a story I'm writing. Interestingly enough, on Valentine's Day the sun let loose its most powerful eruption in more than four years disrupting radio communications and generating concern around the world.

Wow! That's what I said upon hearing this news. When I decided to ask the question 'what if' for my third and final Forbidden story, AN ALIEN PRESENCE I wanted to know what would happen if the sun did go crazy and CME flare activity increased to the point of causing real harm to humans and other systems on a planet...

Stop by My Blog to read the entire post on my solar research. I'd love to hear your ideas  on this subject. I've also included a short excerpt from this latest Forbidden story, which is set on a orbiting space station.

Kaye Manro

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  1. I saw that news story, too! definitely caught my interest! Don't you love it when Mother Nature works with the muse?


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