Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twitter Squadron Alert

Hey there Brigaders! I'm Sara Brookes and I'm the Twitter Squadron leader ( Just wanted to drop everyone a note to say we've got an official Twitter account for the Brigade now: Anytime you make a post here on the blog, it will automatically feed to the Twitter account and even add the #sfrb hashtag. Then it's a simple matter of re-tweeting if you'd like.

Also, newer members, if you've got a Twitter account and want to be added to the Twitter Squadron, see the information page for more details:



  1. Thanks so much, Sara. This will be great for getting the word out on our posts.

  2. Yea! We've had several new members join the Twitter Squadron in the last few days.

    I've added actual links to the Squadron page now, too.

  3. Fun, I'm off to sign up. I'll have to make a list of you guys on Twitter. Can never have too many lists... ;)


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