Sunday, March 28, 2010

Igniting the Main Engines

To be a healthy community, activity is the key. Here are some suggestions:

Fire at Will
Each of you have access to post (or an invitation has been sent—check your email). Feel free to post book reviews, contest finals or wins, upcoming releases, SFR submission calls, links to helpful articles, or posts about SFR in general. In order to keep the communications coming at a digestible megahertz, I propose the following:

If your first name starts with A - H, post on Mondays
If your first name starts with I - K, post on Tuesdays
If your first name starts with L - Ma, post on Wednesdays
If your first name starts with Me - R, post on Thursdays
If your first name starts with S - Z, post on Fridays

Anyone can post on weekends, so you'll have two opportunities per week to post personal articles, if you so choose.  Of course comments are open season at any time. 

Task Forces/committees/soiree scouts (see Ready, Stormtroopers?) can post at any time with information or news on their findings, discoveries, or victories.

I think too much content is a smaller problem than too little content.  (Uh...Did you copy that?)

Recreational Activities

Tuesday Tour
Every Tuesday we’ll post a members’ site or blog to infiltrate in massive numbers so as to make their stat counters explode. But it’s a friendly skirmish. Really!

Thursday Tag Party
I’d like to institute an Amazon tag party on Thursdays. This is a group effort to tag SFR books in order to help readers find them. We’ll focus on a few books or a particular author every week. Every Thursday, our tag target will be announced for the coming week.

Activity plans may be altered as our theater of operations expands, so other ideas are not only welcome, they are strongly encouraged, endorsed, and may be rewarded with a medal.  HUA!


  1. I'm there, though I'm still not getting all the logistics straight in my edit addled brain. LOL.

    Count me in.

  2. Running silent in OMG IS THAT THE DEADLINE mode...but I'm here. I'll have more to offer when the MS has been shipped in the next few weeks and the nightmares have eased off again. ;)

  3. I agree, Heather, tag parties are fun and good for SFR. I think we should start with tagging some of our member's books. :)

    Thanks for chiming in Jennifer and Marcella. We understand participation will ebb and flow with those looming deadlines and current projects.


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