Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Incoming Transmissions...

(News and links.)

SFR Brigade member Rhiannon Leith just released With A Touch with Samhain Publishing today, March 30, 2010 (adult content).  Congratulations, Rhiannon! 

An interview with Sharon Lynn Fisher about being a RWA Golden Heart finalist for the second year in a row is up on Spacefreighters Lounge.  Sharon is a member of the Brigade.

Northwest Houston RWA announces The 18th Annual Lone Star Writing Competition.  The contest is now open for entries. The Lone Star Writing Competition is one of the few contests with two published authors and one unpublished author judging the first round. Finalists will be sent to BOTH an agent and an editor for judging. Early bird entry fee: $5 discount on all entries submitted by midnight May 23, 2010.  Read more here.

Member Pauline Baird Jones talks about an Easter contest, her upcoming release and other topics on her blog in The Tax Man Cometh, But Contests Can Ease the Pain.

Please send news, information and links for recent SFR sales, contest wins or *April releases* to me at Lgreen2162 [at] aol [dot] com.


  1. Please forgive me for posting this comment here but I am actually trying to let Meghan S know that her comments function (on her personal blog) is not working .. I keep trying, but it won't let me. Hoping she finds the info here :D


  2. Thanks for letting her know, Tess.


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