Friday, March 26, 2010

More New Members Coming Soon

We've had a wonderful response from new members wanting to join the Brigade thanks to Heather's feature on The Galaxy Express. I'll be working to get everyone added this evening and over the weekend.

If you sent a request to join and haven't yet heard back, fear not - we'll be responding soon. (If you don't hear from us within three days, please do ping us to make sure you haven't gotten lost in the shuffle!)

We'd love it if folks would take a moment to introduce themselves in the comments!


  1. I'll get the ball rolling here ...

    I'm relatively new to the SFR community. Last year I met up with Laurie Green and Heather Massey on Laurie's Spacefreighters Lounge blog. My novel Ghost Planet had just been named a Golden Heart finalist, and they were speculating about whether it was SFR. I introduced myself and discovered an awesome and supportive group of like-minded writers and readers.

    Laurie and I met in person at RWA nationals in DC (where we also met Donna Frelick), became critique partners and co-bloggers, and pretty much have been partners in crime ever since!

  2. And I'll follow--

    Congrats to you, Sharon for finaling in the Golden Heart, and for getting SFR out into the world through GH!

    I'm not on the members list yet, but I hope to be soon. I write SFR and I look forward to being here.

  3. My name is Marcella Burnard, and I'm a geek. :) I write SFR for Berkley Sensations. I grew up on science fiction (and frequently didn't sleep as a child because of the movies my dad and I would watch...) I am a science hobbiest, though I seem to lack the wiring to write hard scifi. When I'm blogging, expect a link to some strange and gooey bit of science...I give it bonus points if the science has disaster potential. Other than that, I look forward to meeting everyone.

  4. I just emailed you, Laurie.
    What a great idea!!!
    I'm passing it along to some of the SFR writers I know, though we primarily write erotic sci fi romance.
    I'm hoping this idea takes off and thrives.
    Congrats to Sharon Lynn Fisher!!!

  5. Hi, I'm Kim Knox, I live in the UK and I finally embraced my love of SFR about two years ago.

    I'm also one of those erotic SFR writers that Jen knows and I write for various epubs.

  6. *waves*

    My name is Sheryl Nantus and I'm... I'm...

    *wipes away tears*

    I'm a science fiction romance author and reader.

    *deep sigh of relief*

    I've got a superhero novel, "Blaze of Glory" coming out in April from Samhain Publishing and a steampunk romance titled "Wild Cards and Iron Horses" due out in August from Samhain as well.

    Looking forward to carrying the SFR banner high!

  7. D L Jackson--but you all can call me Dawn. I write urban fantasy and science fiction romance/erotic romance. I'm published with Liquid Silver Books and Ravenous Romance.

  8. Jess Granger here, and glad to be a part of this.

    I write Space Opera romance for Berkley.

  9. Welcome, everyone! What a great start to our SFR community! Great to have you aboard.

    Sharon and I have been working behind the scenes to get everyone invited and added. We're caught up as of 11:00 am (Mountain Daylight Time USA) Saturday morning, so if you requested membership and:

    1) Haven't received an invitation to join the community (there are eleven members who haven't accepted the invitation to the site yet, so check your email and spam mail), and/or

    2) Don't see your name listed under the "Brigade Members" roster on the sidebar...

    Then please either post a note here with your email address (or a link where we can contact you) or e-mail us again. We'll be cross-checking information later this weekend to confirm we've added everyone who's requested membership.

    Meanwhile, everyone is welcome to say hello and tell us a little about yourself.

  10. Hi there. I don't see my name up on the members list, but I did accept the blog invite. Please email me -

  11. We've got it fixed now, Meghan. Thanks for letting us know.

  12. I emailed a request for an invite on Thursday and haven't received anything : (

    Is Yahoo being a PITA?


  13. Thanks Laurie!

    Hello to everyone! I am new to the sci-fi romance world, as well as the writing world. My absolute favorite tv show EVER was Buffy the Vampire Slayer (just had to throw it out there lol). I'm currently working on a paranormal romance, however it's been slow going unfortunately thanks to my life-sucking 9-5 crap job. But I'm gonna keep at it! Nice to meet all of you. :)

  14. Cathy, thanks for letting us know. I just sent you an invitation and a separate email.

  15. Thanks, Laurie!

    I'm in! I'm in!

    My name is Cathy Pegau and I'm unpubbed, but doing what I can to change that. My sfr manuscript "Bad Girl" recently won the FF&P category of the Beacon contest put on by the First Coast Romance Writers, and is under consideration by an agent. I live in Alaska and am wishing for an early spring.

    I'm very glad to be here : )

  16. Thanks so much for the membership! Are there any posting rules or restrictions? I'm very excited to join!

  17. Welcome Lisa! Thanks for asking about rules. I'll have a post up very soon with suggestions for posting and activities.

    Thanks for joining the Brigade.

  18. Hi all

    I'm Rhiannon Leith and my erotic SFR novella With a Touch just came out from Samhain. I know Jenn Leeland and Kim Knox and basically followed them over. :)



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