Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday Night Twitter Blast?

OK...*deep breath*   All our membership requests are caught up to date and we now have...*drum roll please*...37 members!  We've covered a lot of parsecs in just a few days!

In an ealier post, we mentioned doing a coordinated Twitter Blast and Facebook Foray as a way of getting the word out to more enthusiastic people who have an interest in joining the SFR Brigade.  Are those of you who use Twitter game for a Thursday night Blast?  How's the timing for everyone?  (I realize Thursday "night" is different times for everyone, so if we start in "our" evening--wherever we are--we could have coverage a good portion of the night.)

Yup, there's a method in my madness.  I'll be home and manning my computer on Friday, so I can field requests that come in Thursday night and Friday morning.

If you're game for a go, post a comment below.  Also, if you don't mind posting your Twitter handles--mine is SFRLaurie--I can follow you and jump in to help relay the retweets.  I suggest we link to the Five Reasons post (the "Why Join?" link on the sidebar and in the labels).

This is open to everyone's thoughts, ideas and suggestions.


  1. I'm here and ready to rock!

    Twitter handle - SNantus

    (yes, SO original!)


  2. I should be good to go tomorrow. What is a Twitter blast? We just Tweet once about this site? Why it rocks and link to the 5 reasons to join?

    My Twitter handle: brimfire


  3. I'll be home watching "Fringe" tomorrow night, so I'm down for a twitter/facebook blast! :)

    twitter handle: meghan78

  4. I'll be around I think.


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