Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to the Brigade!

Welcome! Congrats on your arrival at our brave, new blog. Ready for a briefing on the mission plan?

Mission Statement
(What are our coordinates, Captain?)

To advance the interests of the Science Fiction Romance (subgenre-niche-specialty genre-whatever) and SFR writers everywhere.

Details:  SFR Brigade is a networking site that includes a blog, Facebook group, Facebook FanPage, and Twitter account for SFR writers, authors and reviewers who are interested in working together to support and promote the SFR genre.

Purpose:  To have fun, network with like-minded writers, build your name recognition and future reader base, and socialize with other SFR authors and NG ("next generation") writers and fans who love science fiction romance.

Ship Dress: Casual.  Relax and be yourself. Put your deck boots up and stay awhile. Friendly chatter is encouraged. This is a 'no salute' zone.

Long Range Trajectory
(Delusions of Grandeur)

As our SFR community grows, these are some of the distant stars we’d like to reach.

Establish Our Own Website
As our membership grows, we expect to outgrow the blog concept and explore establishing our own dedicated web site. What we need to get there? An activity level on the SFR Brigade that indicates it’s ready to make the evolutionary jump to the next dimension. We aim to misbehave.

Establish a Contest Exclusively for SFR
We will actively work toward establishing a contest solely for the various sectors of science fiction romance. This may involve finding a partner organization or business to sponsor our endeavor. What we need to get there? Evidence there are enough writers penning science fiction romance to support a dedicated contest. Outstanding.

Charter an RWA Special-Interest Chapter
We hope to develop a special chapter similar to FF&P (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal) dedicated to science fiction romance that will be affiliated with one of the major author groups such as RWA or SFWA. What we need to get there? Enough interest and support from members to charter such a group. Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Found Dedicated SFR Awards (Resurrect the SaFiRe?)
We’d love to see an award created ala the PEARL, EPIC, etc.and the now defunct Safire Award for excellence in SFR, in both published and unpublished categories. (Our own little Golden Heart/Rita contest). What we need to get there? Support from members as well as reaching each of the delusions of grandeur goals listed above. Make it so, Number One.

Found a SFRWI club
That stands for Science Fiction Romance Writers International (…or Intergalactic?) How does establishing an international club dedicated to science fiction romance sound? We envision this club being open to both published authors, ASP members (actively seeking publication), and AR corps (Addicted Readers). This will be our finest hour.


I'm not sure I write SFR. What's the definition?
Science Fiction Romance, within the context of this blog, is any original work of fiction that contains futuristic or imaginative settings where technology (not magic) and human or alien characters are the focus (not vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters or other characters of the fantasy realm, unless they are indigent alien species or created by genetics, or natural or artificial mutation).

To fall into the SF Romance genre, the romantic elements should also conclude with a Happily Ever After, Happy for Now, Happy Until Sequel or Most Satisfying Resolution Possible.

This may include any of the following:
  • alien romance
  • alternative history romance (an unknown or divergent human history--ala Battlestar Galactica)
  • apocalyptic romance
  • biopunk romance
  • colonization romance
  • contemporary science fiction romance
  • cyberpunk romance
  • earth-based science fiction romance (ala Jurassic Park)
  • erotica science fiction romance
  • first contact romance
  • futuristic romance
  • interstellar adventure romance
  • military science fiction romance
  • medical science fiction romance
  • near future romance
  • parallel dimension romance (when technology or physics is incorporated)
  • planetary romance (story is based on another planet)
  • psi-fi romance (when psi elements have a basis in science, technology or physics)
  • space opera romance
  • science fantasy romance (technology blended with metaphysical elements ala Star Wars)
  • slipstream romance (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, other blend with technical or scientific elements)
  • steampunk romance
  • time travel romance (if time travel is via technology or physics, not magic)
  • young adult romance or new adult romance in any of the above
Still not sure?  Write us at SFRPreview @ gmail . com [without the spaces] with any questions.

Why should I sign on? So you can network and share your enthusiasm for SFR while supporting your subgenre and your peers. Get "the buzz" on industry news. Help celebrate career landmarks, agent acquisition, sales, debuts, new releases, contest finals and wins, and other goals achieved. Best of all, pre-promote your work to a target audience of SFR fans on the SFR Brigade Fan Page. We suggest you read About the Brigade for our recruiting message.

Why don't you use Yahoo Groups?  Although other contest groups and organizations use Yahoo Groups to conduct business, we believe the Facebook and blog format is more user frieindly to creating a professional network environment, can be viewed at the member's discretion without having to manage multiple emails or digests, and works more seamlessly with graphics and photos.

How do I join? The path to induction is to send a request to join the private Science Fiction Romance Facebook Group page. If you're not a member of Facebook, follow this blog (or compose a guest post--see guidelines on the sidebar), or leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks, Arlene. I'm excited about the concept. Now to get the word out. :)

    Five members already. Woohooo, we're off and running.

  2. I'm so glad you're here! I have a SFR that will release May 20 at RRP. I'm emailing you right now!

  3. Great Mission Statement and vision!


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