Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brigaders Attending RWA: Please Note

It's time again to order our SFR Brigade pins, info cards and other items for the RWA Conference in New York City, and to start planning our get-together.

We need a head count so we can order enough pins (and possibly other goodies) to pass out at the conference. You can view the pins on the SFR Brigade Zazzle store here.

This is shaping up to be a very exciting conference for the SFR Brigade and SFR in general.  We have:
  • A RITA Finalist!
  • Two Golden Heart finalists (three SFR manuscripts)!
  • A workshop presenter! 
If you're planning to attend, please check in on the SFR Brigade main web site forum:

Please also help spread the word to other Brigaders you're in regular contact with.

Looking forward to seeing my fellow Brigaders there!


  1. Just wanted to say congrats to our finalists and presenters. Good luck! Can't wait to meet up in NYC. =)

  2. Looking forward to meeting you, too, Darcy. :)

  3. Well, darn, look at what I'm going to miss out on!

    I would so love to be coming to RWA this year to cheer our Brigaders on in the RITA and GH awards.

    Guess I'll just have to be there in spirit. Go SFRB'ers!!!

  4. Oh no, Kylie. Who's going to present in the Golden Heart paranormal category if you're not there?

    We'll miss you!

  5. New York won't know what hit it ;-)

  6. Hope that everyone who's going has a blast! Don't forget to send me any juicy details so I can blog about them.


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