Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tag Party Needs Content

Hello, Brigaders!

You may have noticed (or maybe not...) that the Tag Party has been absent the last couple of weeks.

Partly this is because I've been on the run from the Andromedan spaceport authority (look, the mooring grapples were on the fritz - it's not my fault!) but mostly it's because the Tag Party needs content. This is your party, folks. Let me know what YOU would like featured.

Back list books? New releases? Upcoming? A friend's work who's too shy to contact the Tag Party Lunatic? Send me whatever you have, with only three teensy stipulations:

1. It's up on Amazon
2. It's SFR
3. It's written by a Brigader

Any and all requests should go to - let's hear from some folks who haven't been featured before!

Thank you, end com



  1. When mine is released, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

  2. I'm guessing Manda Benson's forthcoming MOONSTEED will be sold at Amazon (due out May 16 from Lyrical Press), so that's one to keep an eye out for. I'm halfway through it right now and my oh my, is it ever interesting!

    I'm also wondering if it's time to think about tagging books beyond those written by Brigaders. Those could still take priority, but what about including several others each week?


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