Monday, March 7, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery Wake-Up Call

Good morning!   Just HAD to share this!  :)


  1. Fun! Still can't believe shuttle program is ending. Wonder if we'll "boldly go" anywhere again? :-(

  2. Wery cool! Let's just hope one of the private corps steps up quickly! I'm going to miss those lift offs too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Laurie. I feel sad and I hope it isn't going to end... maybe it won't really but still...

  4. @Pauline It would sure be a tragedy of the first order if we only "boldly go" to the stars in our imaginations in the future.

    @Frances I have high hopes for private corps, but fear profit taking the pilot's seat over science may be a downfall. We'll see. Private corporation could have a lot to gain it terms of R&D and unique products and knowledge.

    @Kaye Oh, yes. Loved the video, but the thought that it's all coming to an end makes me very melancholy. For so long the shuttle has been a shining icon of what we can achieve when we put our hearts and minds behind it.


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