Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CRUSHED SUGAR is Released!

Good morning, Skiffy Rommers!  In the hustle and bustle, I forgot to do a few things to celebrate CRUSHED, including announcing it here.  Oops.  Well, guess what, I've released my *prequel* novella, CRUSHED SUGAR!  It is romantic, but not an official Romance with an HEA.  And there isn't much Science Fiction in this one, because it's set three months *before* SUGAR RUSH and the Heroine has no idea there are vampiric alien/hybrids around.  She is a geek though, kind of like MacGyver's kid sister.  'Course, that show was ten or so years ago, which means she'd be more like his daughter.  In any case, she's not Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this isn't Twilight either.  My teenage daughter explains it this way-.
"Buffy slays 'em, Bella kisses 'em, and Ophelia addicts 'em to Nintendo DS."
So, if you're looking for a girl-geek heroine, please check out my Young Adult series, including Crushed, which is the first story, chronilogically in the series, although not the first released.
You still have time to enter the Grand Prize Drawing too!
   Release of CRUSHED SUGAR by Kimber An


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