Saturday, March 12, 2011

CRUSHED SUGAR Release Date is March 25th

It's far less SFR than Sugar Rush because it's a *prequel* and the Heroine hasn't begun using her geeky talents on the bad guys yet.  She's only 16 and doesn't know there are alien-human hybrids around yet.  She does use her geek-girl brilliance in other ways though, like rigging a food processor she knows a mean chick is going to steal from her.  So, when the mean chick starts it up, she gets splattered with green goo.  There's lots of empathic, telepathic, and creepy vampire-like tension-building, plus forbidden romance and unrequited love though.  It's set three months before the start of Sugar Rush.  Pop over to About CRUSHED SUGAR if you want to learn more.
If you want to showcase CRUSHED or interview me or whatever, please let me know!  Thanks, everyone!
Hey, you know what?  It's kinda nice not to be a freaked-out debut author anymore.


  1. Kimber, so much congrats on the release of Crushed Sugar! It sounds lika a fantastic YA!!

    You know I'm always open to having SFR authors on my blog anytime. Keep in mind that I write erotic SFR though.

    On the other hand, I am working with a teen SF author on a very cool SF YA. It's more along the lines of near future alien invasions and gun toting guys and gals. I do plan to switch gears and promo this story when the time is right.

    So send me an email if you are still interested and let's talk.

    kayemanro at yahoo dot com


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