Sunday, March 20, 2011

Did You See It?

Super Perigee Moon

The largest full moon in more than 18 years – a so-called "supermoon" – did not disappoint eager skywatchers.

The full moon of March was 221,565 miles away (356,575 kilometers) on Saturday, March 19 just 50 minutes after it hit its full phase, making it the biggest and brightest full moon since 1993. The "supermoon" phenomenon occurred because the moon was in its full phase and just 50 minutes past perigee – the point of its orbit that brings it closer to Earth.

NASA scientists and others dismissed the fringe lunar disaster claims as nonsense, but did admit the moon should look spectacular. Saturday's full moon appeared 14 percent larger and 30 percent bigger than the smallest full moons Earth sees.


  1. I couldn't see it since we were over cast here. I hope it is still large tonight--will try again. This is my area's(high desert) wet season though.

  2. Oh yes, it was stunning. We were overcast in late afternoon down here too, Melisse, so I was worried, but by moonrise....OMG, spectacular. What a sight. That pic is amazing, Kaye.

  3. It was constant storm in my area...was super disappointed.

  4. I saw it! I got a great photo of it, which I posted on my dA account here:

    I was so excited to get this shot:) It was a spectacular moon!


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