Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Space Travel: What are Your Ideas?

We're having a great discussion over at the sfr_writers Yahoo Group. For anyone interested in joining in. Author TK Toppin brought up a great world building question, asking how we all in the group approached space travel science.

TK is looking at some Space Jumping theories and author Ciara Gold brought up a great concept called Mapped Ribbons, which uses the blackhole theory. I hope she replies to this article explaining her idea to you all. I also shared my theory, which I call quantumportation. (Not a brand new concept, since technically the scientists working on quantum conductors uses the term for their long range goal of the theory.)

I realized I hadn't actually posted about my theory here or at my blog, so decided to now. Below is the summary I shared in the Yahoo Group. In case others were curious about quantum mechanics and their potential in SF writing. I'd loved to hear your thoughts and any way you would tweak the concept. Also, we'd love to have you all join the Yahoo Group, when you get a chance.

What's Quantumportation is to My SF World:
My theory uses a concept that revolves around quantum teleportation (how ever accurate or inaccurate the science is in my story). Though, I changed it to quantumportation because it uses quantum mechanics and not radio waves…any-who…Simplified, it is quantum "mimicking"/"transferring" of trapped/set state of protons and ions to another set of nano-prepared "blank" protons and ions through a large system/processor called a Leap Jump.

The Leap Jump is a large "quantum conductor" built in space that holds up to the standard, regulation size space vessel. Activated, the conductors connect with the receiving Leap Jump using an advance infrared light communication infrastructure. The data recorded from the initiated protons and ions are transferred through this system across the network of long range communication transceivers and relayed to the receiving Leap Jump where the waiting blank protons and ions rematerialize. The initiating protons and ions are "blanked out" through the nanotechnology system and stored for future receiving vessels.

Fixing Vessels and Communications:
For short distances, the vessels do travel through a hydronic-proton hybrid drive system that gets them up to a standard kilometer per mile speed system but in the multiplication of a million. I call them space kilometers. If the vessel breaks down, I use the same theory as quantumportation but on a smaller scale and through stored information in Encrypted Ionic Networks. For communications and short distance "relays", I have different sizes of these quantum conductors that transfer anything from messages to data to supplies. These smaller ones have restrictions based on their communication distance capabilities.

If they are out of the communication infrastructure range, than there are stored data and a stored amount of blank protons and ions . The data will relay a message to the protons and ions to recreate the end result, whether it be food, parts, or medical supplies. This is only as an emergency, as the blank canisters are in limited supply and highly regulated with protocols and ethical/legal codes of conduct for what's allowed to be recreated "from scratch".

Here are a couple of my source research articles to give you more details and maybe start your research if you're interested in this theory. The quantumportation has already been successfully performed on a smaller scale with with data/information transfer in Japan.


  1. WOW! Thank you for that AR. It's good to know that we can toss about these ideas and theories collectively. It's always comforting to know that sometimes the most befuddling of questions has some kind of answer...even if sometimes it's just make believe. I like your theory and explanation - though I might have to give it a few re-reads to get it fully. (I'm a SF nut, but my nut is sadly lacking in the tech-department).
    Thanks so much for this!! I really appreciate the input. I'd love to hear anyone else's theories or ideas as well.

  2. I went with the Einstein-Rosen bridge. It's theoretically possible per Einstein. It's a wormhole type of space hopping.

    I figure if Einstein at least postulated the possibility, then it was a reasonable solution to star jumps without FTL.

    BTW, I couldn't quickly locate the thread in the Yahoo group. Is it the one on World Building?

  3. Thanks TK for prompting the question! I love sharing and figuring out ideas with groups. LOL! I figure make believe is close enough...considering the scientists are still figuring it out themselves.

    @Marva - It's in the thread titled "What's everyone working on?" Hope to see you on there! I like Einsteins wormhole theory too, and new science is now confirming the possibility as well...just figuring out the sustainability of it and all that goopily goop that is "the details".

  4. Thanks for this post, AR. Quantum anything is what I love to research, study and learn! Love the articles you linked. More thoughts on this subject later.

  5. Awesome Kaye. From one quantum lover to another, I look forward to hearig your ideas on this.

  6. My Scarabaeus books feature "nodes", which are basically the entry and exit points of a network of naturally occurring, branching wormholes. Gates can be built around the nodes so ships can easily navigate them, but you can also enter a node without a gate if your mass is big enough and you have a skilled pilot.

    Mapped nodes have known exit points. Unmapped nodes could lead anywhere. Mapping ships have the dangerous task of traversing unknown nodes in order to map them, hopefully to plot good trade routes between systems.

    My next book takes place on a mapping ship - because, ya know, it's nice to give your heroine a dangerous profession!

  7. Oooh, Sara, that sounds so interesting! Love that idea.


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