Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spotlight on...Ellora's Cave

At the recent RWA® Nationals, I attended a couple of Spotlight on... sessions where publishers highlighted what they were up to in the coming months and what they were looking for in terms of submissions.

For those interested in the the e-pub market, here's what the editors at Ellora's Cave imparted in their session.
  • Ellora's Cave is the largest erotic publisher in the e-book marketplace with 450 authors, 3200 e-books & 900 print books on offer.
  • Cerridwen Press (Ellora's Cave's non-erotic imprint) is rebranding itself and will be relaunched at the end of the year. Submissions are only open to established authors.
  • A book is originally published as an e-book then anywhere from 6 months to 3 years then it may go to print.
  • Ellora's Cave is actively seeking new authors - 50 new authors have been signed this year so far.
  • Best selling e-books continue to be in the paranormal, erotic and BDSM genres.
  • Ellora's Cave has several lines - Erotic, Romantica, GenEdge & Branded.
  • In the Erotic line they're looking for the following sorts of genre submissions - erotic steampunk, erotic urban fantasy, fem.dom., M/M. Are keen to find more F/F and are branching into horror erotica, fetish/kink, voyerism. This line doesn't have to meet the requirements of a regular "romance" but does have to have a satisfying ending. Anywhere between 7K(novella-size) to 125K (single title) in length. The flexibility of e-print allows the larger word limit. See their facts page on What is Romantica? to get an idea of what is expected for these lines.
  • Gen-Edge is a new line aimed at younger female readers with heroines aged between 18-25yo, heroes can be any age, has be written in a young voice.
  • Branded is also a new line catering to a market where readers don't want to see penetrative sex unless it occurs within a marriage. Characters are heterosexual and monogamous. Foreplay and orgasms outside marriage OK, wording can be graphic and explicit. Any genre OK.
Submission guidelines are on-line at their website. No paper submissions accepted, email only.

#NB: While these facts are as up to date as possible the author strongly advises anyone to check the Ellora's Cave website before submitting work. They are the best source of accurate information.


  1. Thanks Kylie. Really useful and insightful information for someone who's targeting Ellora's Cave right now.

  2. Thanks Kylie. I tried to hit the spotlights when I could, but there was just no way to hit them all. This is great info I hadn't heard.

  3. Excellent information, Kylie. Thanks so much for posting your report on the Ellora's Cave workshop.


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