Friday, August 20, 2010

Reader seeking 2010 Novels to Nominate for Hugo

This call for SF authors to nominate for the Hugo popped up on the Amazon SF discussion board. Not sure he'd be open to SFR, but he is looking for books that meet his criteria. 

Attn: Authors (he is interested in indie novels, btw)

Here's his criteria:

1) It is eligible for the 2011 Hugo Award for Best Novel
2) It is availble as an eBook for the Kindle (although it doesn't have to be available through the Kindle Store). Most non DRM eBook formats can be easily converted to Kindle format if they are not available in a Kindle viewable format.
3) I have limited funds, so it must be priced at $2.99 or less. ($2.99 gets you Amazon's best royalty rate. You don't need to work for free.)
4) The novel is available in english. (I'm not saying that great works aren't written in other languages, just that I can't read other languages.)

If you have written such a novel, please reply to this posting with the information. I cannot promise to buy and read every novel posted, but I will read those that I can. I also promise that I will nominate the best novel from the bunch I read. (This does not mean it will make the final ballot; you did notice I said hundreds of nominators.)

For more information about the hugo award, go to thehugoawards dot org. Here is some important information about the Hugo Award for Best Novel.


  1. I will admit i find his price limit prohibitive, though I understand his need for low cost if he's going to buy a lot of books.

  2. Well, those will most probably be short novellas and such then.

    Hugo does an anthology of shorts too.


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