Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Bloggers and Authors Online Conference

Book Bloggers and Authors Online Conference - for details and registration.

Goals of the Conference

Authors and Bloggers are both working together online to reach out to readers and spread the word about the books we read and love.  We all face challenges with online promotion that can be alleviated by working together.  By streamlining the process of co-operative work between Authors and Bloggers we can move forward using social media and online outlets to expose more readers to more books.

How it Works -
Never been to an online conference? - Well here is how ours works.  It is hosted through a private Ning.  The panels are audio using Blog Talk Radio and each has a corresponding chat room so listeners can discuss the topic together.  Panels can be heard live and will accept callers and questions.  After they can all be listened to in archive on the Ning till the end of the month. There is a $15 registration fee and spaces are limited.  This 2+ day event is a great resource to network and meet fellow book lovers.

(Note: If you can't do the conference right now, but would like access to all the information, you can register and listen to the workshops for a month after the conference.)


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