Thursday, August 5, 2010

SFRBrigaders invade RWA® 2010

The Literacy Signing was awesome - and guess who I managed to find? Some of our Brigaders busily signing their monikers on their books!!!

It was great to meet so many of you who attended, and put names to faces. I'm just sad I didn't get a picture of every SFRBrigader I met! Oh, JC, how goes your elevator/escalator pitch???

Ella Drake & Laurel Wanrow

Karin Shah

Erica Hayes, Kylie Griffin, Sharon Lynn Fisher, Laurie Green.

Kylie Griffin, Sharon Lynn Fisher & Laurie Green at the Awards dinner.


  1. It is so fun to "see" you all! How fun!

  2. I just added most of these to the RWA photo album on the web site. Thanks for posting them, Kylie. :)

  3. Love the pic! Was so glad to meet Laurel!

  4. Thanks for posting the photos, Kylie! It was fun meeting everyone!


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