Saturday, August 14, 2010

Out of This World Blog Tour!

August 14: Sandra Stixrude at Dasef Central 

August 15: Linnea Sinclair at The Cerebral Writer

August 16: Pauline Jones at Behind the Pallid Mask 
August 17: D. L. Jackson at Forbidden Love  
August 18: Lisa Lane at Writer's Habitat 
August 19: J. C Hay at Perils of Pauline 
August 20: Kaye Manro at The New Sensuality 
August 21: Marva Dasef at Backward Momentum 

Hope you'll stop by and support your fellow brigaders and spread the tour links around your social networking sites!


  1. Hurry on over to read Sandra's guest post on my blog.

  2. It is a great blog post and a great start to the tour!

  3. Looks fantastic! I'll try to surface long enough to make the rounds.

  4. Hey all-- it does look like a fantastic tour.

    Just to clarify-- my book title is Forbidden Love, not my blog! My blog is just Kaye Manro!

  5. Oops - have to fix that, Kaye. I thought Forbidden Love was a good name for a blog, too, though, lol.

  6. Sorry, Kaye. I thought I posted it as I got it, but I might have picked up the un-corrected one.


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