Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Blue Moon Blog Hop Winner #scifi #romance #giveaway

And the winner is:
Apparently there was some confusion over the rafflecopter prize, which is entirely my fault and I apologize. Normally when I run a hop it's a bigger event and I ask authors to donate to one or more prize bundles, which I then arrange. On this occasion, because it was a much smaller event, I simply listed what each author wanted to give away, intending it as a single prize but with the separate elements being sent directly to the winner by each author rather than directly from me. My bad. I should have made that clearer: that there would only be one winner for the entire prize list.
However, the SFR Brigade are planning a much bigger hop in July, which will be better organized (because I'm not arranging THAT one, lol), so please stop by for that. For more information please follow @sfrbrigade on Twitter and/or the Facebook fanpage and/or the blog at so you don't miss out.

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