Thursday, May 19, 2016

SFRB Recommends #58: The Outer Settlement Agency series by Lyn Brittan #sfr #sfrom

  • Solia's Moon: When her terraforming company expands beyond creating habitable places to creating humanoid life, Lunar Physician Solia Calian has to find a way to stop them. She’ll have the help of a mysterious sheriff, Giancarlo Sable, but they’d better hurry up. When the creatures they want to liberate start turning on them, figuring out where the real danger lies is the only way to leave the colony in one piece.
  • Anja’s Star: Losing a pirate’s spaceship is rough…especially when he’s your boss. The clock’s ticking for her to get it back and the only one who can help her is a hot cop with a dangerous smile.
  • Quinn’s Quasar: Half clone, half human, Quinn’s on a mission to bring down one of the wealthiest men in the Quadrant. Too bad he’s got his heart set on winning her love.
  • Lana’s Comet: A military doctor desperate to have some fun before basic training, Lana goes out for a night on the town and to hell with the consequences. Oh, but fate has the last laugh when her hunk shows up the next day for basic training.
  • Vin’s RulesThe bad boy of the Outer Settlement Agency, Vin Dhoma loves his crew and his job. All he wants is a little fun. Unfortunately, he’s on a mission with the most uptight woman on the planet. With a little charm, he’s determined to make the hottie loosen up a bit. Okay, a lot of charm…

I thought this series got stronger as it progressed, and especially recommend Lana's Comet and Vin's Rules. I read Lana's Comet first and thought it stood on its own, but it was cool to go back and read about the origins of the clones in earlier books. The characters are very distinct from each other and have credible motivations that let them banter and bounce off each other well.
I especially liked how Brittan explores serious subjects, such as how space travel and settlement can affect the future of labor and personhood, while giving the stories plenty of humor. 

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