Wednesday, May 25, 2016

3 Amazing SFR Brigade Projects

by Kyndra Hatch


The SFRB community has been pulling together, working on some amazing projects. The 1st fantastic project, one I am so jealous I couldn't be a part of, is Portals. This is an absolute genius idea. I love it so much and have already found some new books to read. This project includes four volumes of books full of first chapters by forty, that's 40, different SFR authors. Wow! These chapters are gateways, or portals, to each of these authors' amazing worlds. So far, the first two volumes have been published. There is a Portals blog to read more about how this super project came together:

The 2nd project is a ten book SFR giveaway brought to you by ten authors of the SFRB. And those 10 books are print copies! One lucky winner will win all 10 paperbacks. This giveaway ends May 31st. To enter, click on the following link:

The 3rd project, and one I'm so happy to be a part of, is "Romancing the Stars: 8 Short Stories of Galactic Romance and Adventure." This anthology includes short stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words by eight different authors from the SFRB. It was so fun doing this, the authors being super supportive of each other and motivating each of us to write some wonderful stories. "Romancing the Stars" is available for pre-order now:

The SFR Brigade is an amazing group of readers, writers, and enthusiasts. The support network that it has garnered has been credited by more than one author as the great motivator to write Science Fiction Romance, or even start writing, myself included. What a wonderful community we have! And I'm super excited to travel on this spaceship, everywhere it goes.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Great round-up! Glad to be a part of Portals, love the SFR paperback giveaway, and I'm going to pre-order Romancing the Stars right now!

    1. Thank you! We have so much going on right now; it's great!

  2. There sure is! It's so awesome. :)


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