Thursday, October 8, 2015

SFRB Recommends 43: The Alchemist's Kiss by A.R. DeClerck #steampunk #romance #sfrom #paranormal #magical #novel #ebook

London 1869 

A dark wizard has arrived in London, at exactly the time unrest among the non-magical community is coming to a head. London is under the protection of wizard and alchemist Icarus Kane and his loyal friends Cora Mae Jenkins and Archimedes Merriweather, and together they must chase down the threat while dodging the riots and the angry poor along the way. Icarus has no use for science, but there will be no escaping it as the aether, the very heart of magic, is threatened. All of London may perish if the dark wizard gets his way, and Icarus could lose his best friend and his lover in the battle. All the world could be destroyed under the tide of the oncoming storm unless Icarus can face his own power and embrace his inner darkness.

I loved this book. It’d been a while since I read a steampunk, and this book drew me right back into the tech. Very well written with main characters and secondary characters all having great depth. The worldbuilding was excellent, and nothing felt out of place. I devoured this book in a very short space of time.

Author site: AR DeClerck - Love is a Grand Adventure

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