Thursday, October 1, 2015

Merry's Multiverse Musings

Greetings from Oz, fellow Sci-Fi Romance aficionados! I have had the great pleasure of “meeting” many of the wonderful Sci-Fi Rom authors out there in the Multiverse via the dedicated and fun-filled Sci-Fi Romance Group on Facebook, which is complemented by their strong presence on Twitter. 

I’ve learned so much about the vagaries of publishing and the nitty gritty of what it’s like to live in the self-publishing world.  What an eye-opener! Best of all, though, has been an introduction to lots of new authors and their awesome books, and also the wonderful book blogs and publications that focus on our amazing – and fast-growing – shared genre passion. Welcome, then, to Merry’s Multiverse Musings, a snapshot of my monthly favourite SFR treasure.

September, 2015

 Cover Love
Jess Anastasi has not only revamped the cover for her book, Escape Velocity (Valiant Knox Book 1), but the second book in the series, Damage Control, due out on October 26th, 2015, also sports an equally sexy cover with an icy cool title font to tie the series together.

New Authors
During a cyberspace SFR reconnaissance mission, I discovered an interesting article devoted to some of the “best” SFR novels. Amongst the choices was The Astronomer, by Charmaine Pauls. Quite an intriguing and original variation on the stranger-rescues-damsel-in-distress plot device!

Space Wrangler is the start of Kate Donovan’s new series, Space Rustlers. This one appeals to my love of heroes who happen to be a tad on the wrong side of the law, but who also have “good bones” and a heart of gold.

Best Read
Cyborgs…sigh… My favourite book for September is Cara Bristol’s Stranded With the Cyborg. SFR books containing a sexy cyborg hero are pretty much auto-reads for me, and Stranded With the Cyborg is no exception.  Here’s my 5-star review

Series Spotlight

Thanks to a BookBub recommendation I was introduced to G.S. Jennsen’s Aurora Rising series, which is now available as a bundle in Aurora Rising: The Complete Collection. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into this space opera romance!

E.M. Foner’s Date Night on Union Station, a recommendation from the Book Barbarian, caught my eye, which then led to the discovery of the next six books in the EarthCent Ambassador series. Oh boy, my TBR mountain is groaning with all that weight!

Squee Moment

I have yet to read Sabine Priestley’s Alien Attachments series but I’ll definitely be catching up before the release of Book 3, Liberation, in December, which sounds like a sexy and adventure-filled corker!

LOL Moment

Being a SFR devotee isn’t just about books! We have our fair share of fun and funny segments over at the Sci-Fi Romance Group and this one features my second-favourite Star Wars character, R2-D2 (C-3PO being the first!).


  1. Hello fellow multiverse loving sentient! Love the blog!

  2. Super blog, Merry! Very nice feature for the Brigade.

  3. Great pics! Stranded with the Cyborg was fantastic! :D Shine on.

  4. Wow! I'm so honored Stranded with the Cyborg was featured as a best read!

  5. Great blog, Merry. Enjoyed reading about your picks and discoveries.

  6. Great post, and thanks so much for the shout-out! I hope you enjoy AURORA RISING :D.

  7. Thank you so much, ladies, for all the praise and for providing this newbie with lots of encouragement. Special thanks to Greta van der Rol for giving me this opportunity.

  8. Hi Merry, thanks for the cover love! I was really happy with Damage Control and the new cover for Escape Velocity when my publisher revealed them to me, so I'm glad other people are enjoying them as well!


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