Thursday, October 1, 2015

Download Your Free Copy of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly #8!

Cross-posting the news of the latest Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly release from The Galaxy Express:

Fans of post-apocalyptic romances, rejoice! Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly #8 delivers loads of post-apoc romance action for your reading pleasure. Fans of science fiction romance, rejoice! The latest SFRQ brings a bonanza of SFR fun right to your virtual doorstep. 

Here are a few of the many features you can look forward to in the current issue:

* Guest columnist by RADIO SILENCE author Alyssa Cole – learn all about her popular Off the Grid series

* In “Romance, Sex & Survival In a Post-Apocalyptic World” (The Cosmic Lounge), I present an overview of post-apocalyptic romance, including a run-down of various titles

* Two free short stories! Enjoy “Ark Baby” by Liz Jensen and “Dolls” by T.J. Land

* A visit from a group of Australian authors of science fiction romance

* Sneak Peeks, New Releases, Reviews, and more!

Download your free copy of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly #8!

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