Monday, July 6, 2015

The SFR Brigade Summer Cafe - Space Opera 2 #spaceopera #scifirom #giveaway

It's Week Six of the SFR Brigade Summer Cafe and our last, and we're serving up the second menu of Space Opera for your enjoyment! In the menu card you'll find our first servings of SFR: starters are shorter length stories, the main courses provide something more substantial, and desserts give you a sweeter finish. You'll also find this week's prize bundle listed under extras, and all the prizes on offer are to the same theme of space opera. One winner will be chosen by rafflecopter at the end of the week (and the rafflecopter only appears on the participating blogs).

To visit the participants in the Space Opera 2 menu, simply click on one of the blogs below and show your appreciation at each with a little comment love if you could. Who knows, it might win you some extra goodies too!

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