Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smart Girls Love Scifi Romance are having a party to celebrate their 5th anniversary, with featured authors and giveaways. Pop along and join the fun!

From Charlee Allden: This event will be more than just the raffles, there will also be interactive posts where readers can participate. The biggest one will be an opportunity for readers to nominate and then vote on their favorite SFR Hero. Nominations will happen on the blog’s facebook page starting now through the weekend and the poll will go up on Monday so they can vote.  The Facebook Page: 

Author Feature Dates

July 16 - Catherine Spangler
July  17 - Veronica Scott & Jackie Rhoades
July 18 - Pauline Baird Jones & Heather Massey
July 19 - Pippa Jay & Lyn Brittan
July 20 - KS 'Kaz' Augustin  & Corrina Lawson
July 21 - Laurie Green & Misa Buckly
July 22 - Donna Frelick & JA Kenny
July 23 - Melisse Aires


Raffle info

All books are ebooks and all times are Eastern Time Zone.

Raffle A: Now and Later Pack

6 books, $5 Amazon gift card, and  a SGL SFR mug!
Closes Thursday, July 23 10PM
Announced Friday, July 24 8AM  
Charlee Allden: Now: $20 GC to Amazon Later: SGL SFR Coffee Mug
Jackie Rhoades: Roark by Jacqueline Rhoades
Catherine Spangler: Choice of any one book by Catherine Spangler
Laurie Green: Inherit the Stars by Laurie Green
Donna Frelick: Unchained Memory by Donna Frelick plus $5 GC to Amazon
Melisse Aires: Alien Blood, by Melisse Aires

Raffle B: SFR Variety Pack

6 books that span the genre + 10 Gift Card to either Amazon or B&N!
Closes Tuesday, July 21 Midnight
Announced Wednesday, July 22 8AM  
Jackie Rhoades: Roark by Jacqueline Rhoades
KS 'Kaz' Augustin: RESTORATION by KS Augustin
Catherine Spangler: Choice of any one book by Catherine Spangler
Lyn Brittan: The Clocks of London
Corrina Lawson: The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson and a $10 GC to Amazon or B&N. 
Melisse Aires:   Alien Blood by Melisse Aires

Raffle C – SFR Smorgasbord Pack

Includes 10 books by 8 authors!
Closes Sunday, July 19 Midnight
Announced Wednesday, July 20 8AM  
Jackie Rhoades: Roark by Jacqueline Rhoades
Veronica Scott: Star Cruise: Marooned + Mission to Mahjundar by Veronica Scott
Catherine Spangler:  Choice of any one book by Catherine Spangler
Pauline Baird Jones: Core Punch and Sucker Punch (July 20th) by Pauline Baird Jones
Lyn Brittan: Anja’s Star by Lyn Brittan
Laurie Green: Inherit the Stars by Laurie Green
Pippa Jay: Keir by Pippa Jay
Melisse Aires: Alien Blood by Melisse Aires

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