Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Think Like A Reader by Lynn B. Davidson

I think one of the most important things to remember when using social media is to try to place yourself in the reader’s position. With only one book out and one book being released soon, I still feel more like a reader than a writer most of the time. One of the things that still makes me scratch my head is some author’s social media strategies on Facebook. When I see authors posting ads in groups that don’t allow promo, or posting political opinions or trashing other authors I wonder if they have thought about their actions from a reader’s perspective?

There are many kinds of Facebook groups. Some allow promo, some don’t and some are hybrids. When you join a Facebook group, take a look around the group and read the rules before posting an ad for your book. The last thing you want to do is turn off potential readers by the appearance that you can’t or won’t follow rules or directions.

For Facebook groups that allow ads, look at the last fifty posts. Are they all ads for books with few or no comments? Chances are, those groups are not attracting many readers. If the group is not one where you would find a new read, it probably isn’t where your potential readers are looking for new books. I’m not saying it doesn’t have value or you shouldn’t post there, but it may not translate to sales.

For Facebook groups that don’t allow ads, don’t try to circumvent the rules. People are perceptive and will see through your attempts to try to subversively advertise for your book. Remember authors are readers too, and you don’t want to irritate authors in your social media strategy.

Refrain from posting about your political views. People with differing political views read all genres of books. If there is any chance that what you are sharing is going to offend someone with the opposite political view, you may have just turned off a faithful or potential reader. This also applies to posting your religious views.

Don’t trash other authors or books. They only thing that some people hold as dearly as their political beliefs is their love of their favorite books. Faithful fans will not appreciate your distain of the characters they love. They also may decide that if you hate something they love, that they wouldn’t like your work.

Facebook can be a wonderful and useful tool for writers, especially if you are aware of the pitfalls. If your goal on Facebook is to attract new readers, keep faithful readers and interact with other writers, keep in mind how what you post may be perceived.


Lynn B. Davidson
Golden Perspective:
Evie and Tyler were captured as slaves and forced into intimacy by the captors. As time went by, they found solace and love together, but when they miraculously escape, Tyler must finally tell Evie the truth. He is a prince on his planet, and marriage with an Earth woman is unacceptable. He loves her, but he has to put the needs of his people first. Heartbroken, she understands.
Evie begins a new life on this alien planet where she meets the gorgeous and loyal Dylan. Dylan’s single minded pursuit and devotion convinces her that they can overcome their cultural differences, and love once again is possible. Tyler sees Evie falling in love again, and realizes nothing is more important than loving Evie.
Now he must win not one, but two hearts. Can Evie overcome her fears and learn to love these two men, and embrace the vibrant and sexual culture that would have all three of them loving one another? 

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