Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Writers--do you have big plans for 2014?

My plans are in the works--two new Diaspora Worlds Books.

Neon Orchid will finish the miniseries about  the Four Brothers from New Prague. Karvar finds his new bride Brielle is a drug addict, blackmailed into spying. He whisks her off to a secluded location, an empty science station in the Big Poison, the alien rainforest continent of New Prague. They plan to stay there until she has recovered and the spies are caught. What could go wrong with that plan? This will be out the end of February.

In late spring the next book Cirque Du Cyborg will be released. This is the story of pilot Dooley and cyborg 2ln, from Her Cyborg Awakes. Dooley rescues a small group of cyborg soldiers while scavenging a battle site. One is 2ln, who he lost track of long ago. He is determined to get them back to New Prague. But first he has to keep them alive!

In late summer I hope to release the first of a new series, Mech Sisters. Four obsolete female cyborgs are rejuvenated and impregnated with the embryos of wealthy but barren settlers on a distant settlement. Left to their own devices-- considered to be cargo-- the four wake to the realization of their situation, and band together to escape. The first book is Renova( the books will be titled after the name of the female cyborg--Sys, Security, Uni). Renova's job is to work with the cyborg navigator, the Hanlon, to get them on another course.

I also plan a few short stories, either for anthos or possibly give aways!

We'll see if life cooperates!

What are your plans for 2014?

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