Thursday, December 5, 2013

SFRB Recommends #5: Seer of Mars #scifi #romance

Seer of Mars -  By Cindy Borgne

I picked this book up in early 2013. It quickly became one of the best books I'd read in a good while.

Cindy Borgne, a self-published author, creates a tangible corporate/military feuding society on Mars, with an innocent teenager caught in the middle. Ian Connors, a psychic, hates war, and when he causes a skirmish by revealing his visions to his Admiral (which he is required to do), he is disgusted by the results of his actions. Through the pages of this book we follow how he tries to escape from what appears at first glance to be his destiny, to reach for a vision he has little hope of achieving.

This book is written to a very high standard in both story-telling and language. It is not, strictly speaking, SFR, but it is unquestionably science fiction with romantic elements and, in fact, the events that unfold are driven by a vision Ian has of himself together with a woman.

It can be downloaded from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Author site: Cindy Borgne - Speculative and Paranormal Fiction

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