Thursday, November 7, 2013

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How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?

by William R. Pogue
Forward by John Glen

While doing research for an upcoming story, I learned about this book and thought it would be useful in helping me to understand what astronauts experience when they land back on Earth. That’s where my story starts. I found out that information and more in How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?
Want to know if an astronaut bleeds in space? How about what happens if someone floats away on a spacewalk? This book is filled with questions like that and more. William R. Pogue, selected to be an astronaut in the space program back in 1966, answers questions he has been asked since visiting Skylab.
This book was located in the adult non-fiction section of my local library, but I found it to be aimed toward students because the resources in the back are for K-12 students and teachers to use. Mind you, I did find a lot of useful information for the story I'm writing. Plus, there were a lot of links to find more info as well. 
Although this book has already been updated once, as is indicated in the preface, I'm sure it could be again. So much has happened since the publishing of this book, like the commercialization of space flight, and planned missions to Mars. But you can still get a great understanding of the astronaut experience. After all, it is part of space history.

If you are looking for information about what astronauts experience in space, I highly recommend this book.

Author/Astronaut site: William Pogue

Recommendation from Jessica E. Subject, author of Made For Her, Satin Sheets in Space, and other Science Fiction Romance titles.

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