Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Paid Market Opportunity For Your Short Story: Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Call For Submissions

Greetings, authors! I'm cross-posting this Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly call for submissions from The Galaxy Express:

Dearest authors, you know how much I enjoy science fiction romance. If this is your first time visiting The Galaxy Express, then I'm here to tell you how much I love reading sci-fi romance!
For the sake of my voracious reading appetite as well as that of all SFR fans, please consider submitting a sci-fi romance short story to the Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly.  
I, along with K.S. Augustin and Diane Dooley, have teamed together to deliver science fiction romance news and entertainment in a brand new format. This free digital magazine will include a short story in each issue. The first installment launches November 15, 2013.
Here are some of the advantages of publishing a short with us:  
* Gain new readers
* The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is a paid market
* Author-friendly contract
* We help promote your story for free
* Your cross-promotion efforts help raise the visibility of SFR
* It's a fun collaboration!
* I get to read more science fiction romance :) 
There are no guarantees of acceptance, but there's a definite bright side. Even if the Quarterly passes on your story, you can still self-publish it or offer it as a freebie to your readers. Then you tell me about it and I share the news on The Galaxy Express! 
For submission guidelines and other relevant information, contact Diane Dooley: fiction "at" scifiromancequarterly dot org
Follow Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly on Twitter: SciFiRomance 
Please help spread the word. Permission granted to forward this information.

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