Friday, April 5, 2013

Library Update Time!

Attention SFR Brigade! All hands on deck.

You know the drill. It's time to update our library once again. If your work is published or will be published before September 2013 please email me at liana(dot)brooks1 [at] gmail (dot) com

Subject: SFR Brigade Library - Name

Author Name
Sub-genre (Action/Adventure, Anthology, Comedy, Cyberpunk/Spec, Military, Near Future, Paranormal, Simply Romance, Space Opera, -or- NOT ROMANCE)
Heat Rating (Sweet, Hot, Erotic)
LINK - If I don't have the link, I won't go hunting for one.

So... your entry(ies) should look like

To: Liana
Subject: SFR Brigade Library -ME!

Liana Brooks
Near Future


If your book is coming out before September 2013 and you would like to add it to the Brigade calendar, please talk to our calendar coordinator Pippa Jay. The Brigade would like to help you launch in style, but we can't read minds (although our R&D department assures me it'll happen soon!).

- Liana

P.S. If your book is in print format and you'd like to be added to the SFR Brigade In Print page please let me know. We're trying to figure out the format for that, maybe something with buy links? I'm very open to suggestions. 

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