Sunday, April 28, 2013

SFR Brigade Anthology Opens Up Cover Art Submissions to ALL Artists!

Great news everyone! The Anthology is progressing nicely.

Now, we're on to the next phase of the process. We need YOUR cover art!

All artists are invited to submit cover art for the TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE anthology. This is a free anthology to showcase science fiction romance.

Artwork will be evaluated by a panel of Brigaders and whittled down to the top three for overall vote by the SFR Brigade membership!

  • Please submit original cover art via email to Cali Hicks: casselsjc (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Make sure you put "SFRB Anthology Cover" in the subject line. 
  • All entrants are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to use any images in their artwork.
  • *Final* artwork needs to measure at least 625 x 1000 pixels and no more than 1563 x 2500 pixels. Files need to be submitted in either TIFF or JPEG format. The deadline for entry is May 1, 2013.

We hope to have a final cover announced by May 15.

Here's the exciting line-up of authors and stories for the anthology:

Tales from the SFR Brigade (Volume I) 
(Alphabetical by story title) 

 “Allure” by Amy Laurens
 “Envy’s Revenge” by Berinn Rae
 “Imprint” by Pippa Jay
 “MISSION: Nam Selan” by Linnea Sinclair
 “Nobody’s Present” by Marcella Burnard
 “Sensations” by Liana Brooks
 “The Stranger” by Kyndra Hatch
 “Thief’s Ransom” by Jaleta Clegg
 “Whisky and Starshine” by Erica Hayes

These stories cover a variety of SFR sub-genres including space opera, dystopian, near future, and apocalyptic. The cover should suggest both science fiction and romance, be eye-catching and hopefully look great in thumbnail format.

We are shooting for a release in mid-summer (for the Northern Hemisphere.)

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  1. Please note that all cover art needs to be original and artists are responsible for obtaining permissions to use all elements in their submission. The winning entry will be the cover of our upcoming anthology, TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE.


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