Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triberr Discussion and Questions

Should SFR Brigade create a Triberr tribe?

We were wondering how members felt about forming a Triberr tribe? (Please answer the poll above if you haven't already responded to the poll posted on our SFR Brigade Facebook Group Page.)

If you aren't already on Triberr, we're asking you to hold off joining, because it costs bones to ask/join tribes unless you're new.

In comments below, please ask questions about or share your experience with Triberr if you're already using it.

Want to know more about Triberr?

Here's an article from a group of artists on how they are using Triberr:
Want to Spread the Word About Your Art? Join a Tribe

And a series of posts, much thanks to author Jenny Hansen (and thanks to Pauline for the links):
Part I: My Social Media BFF Triberr
Part 2: How Do I Splash in the Triberr Kiddie Pool?
Part 3: How Do I Rock My Tribal Stream?
Part 4: Lazing Around in the Royal Triberr Hot Tub
Part 5: The Boneyard and Other Tribey Hot Spots

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy SFR Friday!

I'm here to report about a couple of science fiction romance related posts for your reading pleasure:

At TBR, you can read a featured interview with KICKING ASHE author Pauline Baird Jones.

At The Galaxy Express, I'm "Going Beneath The Covers of Leslie Dicken's THE IRON HEART."

When you have a moment and could blog or tweet about these posts, it would be very much appreciated!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Splintered Energy--Free on Amazon

Today and tomorrow only, Brigader Arlene Webb is offering Splintered Energy (Kindle edition) for free on Amazon. This SF with Romantic Elements is the first in the four book "Colors" series.

Splintered Energy is currently rated five stars on Amazon.

Waves of pure energy are quite happy hanging in the cosmos, traveling at the speed of light to brighten up the sky--until dawn breaks. Literally.

When sentient light fractures, it zaps into human bodies and becomes trapped. Without any memories to guide them, a handful of confused beings whose skin tones are now specific colors, struggle to understand humanity while it's quite clear they shouldn't be in this world. The few humans clued in to Earth's invasion don't flutter, but are drawn to their fiery fate with hearts wide open as they fight to survive.

California. A widower's twelve-year-old son is rather young to bring home a woman, especially a collapsed green beauty too frightened to open her eyes.

Arizona. A divorcee blinks hard, but the gorgeous red guy stepping in front of her car is still red. She serves to avoid hitting him and ends up in the ditch. When she comes around, she wonders which layer of hell she's fallen into.

Ohio. A teen also fears he's dealing with the demonic, but no matter how dangerous things become, he's determined to stand by a man with inhumanly blue eyes.

Splintered Energy is an Earth based sci-fi/suspense/romance novel and the first in a four book series. Book 2, The R Word, and book 3, House of Seven, are available. The final is scheduled for March 2012.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who Will Be The Next Linnea Sinclair?

There’s a review at Dear Author currently for Inari Gray’s WARS OF THE HEART. I have this book on my TBR pile so I didn’t read the review, but I did read the comments. Why? Because once in a while readers will begin a conversation about science fiction romance in response to that type of post. Sometimes readers will start recommending other titles. That’s the case with this particular thread.

In response to an inquiry about recommended authors, one of the participants mentioned authors Linnea Sinclair and Susan Grant. That’s awesome and a testament to their staying power as storytellers. And it got me thinking…

Monday, February 20, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Brigade on Facebook

To clear up any confusion about our Facebook presence as a group, here's the low down:

This is the closed group page (meaning only other members can see it) where you can post to other SFR authors about things that might interest them--posts or links to blogs about SFR or writing-related topics, links to articles they may want to read, questions to your fellow writers, promotion or strategy ideas, good news, etc. Think of it like our 'SFR Brigade group huddle.'  

Note: The older version of our SFR Brigade Group Page will be closed as of March 1st, so if you're still on the older page, be sure to migrate over to the new Science Fiction Romance Brigade Group Page soon.  The link to the older page has been removed from the sidebar at right.

This is the page that's open to the world where you can shout out about your new releases, coming titles, cover art, awards, contest wins and finals, reviews, blog posts or anything that may interest readers and fans. Think of it as our 'SFR Brigade global bulletin board.' Please "LIKE" this page.

Both links are also available under the Facebook icon on the right sidebar. > > > > >

If you have any questions, comments or need further clarification, please comment below.

KICKING ASHE Starting to Release! (First Sighting!)

With hearts and lives on the line, a kiss may be all they have time for...

Time has dumped Ashe on a dying planet and she needs to figure out why before she ceased to exist. Or gets vivisected by some Keltinarian scientists. Or worse. 

Vidor Shan might help--since someone somewhere is trying to hose him, too--if she can convince him to trust her. Probably shouldn't have told him that only someone he trusts can betray him. Also wouldn't mind if he kissed her on the mouth.

Vid would love to kiss the girl, but his brother is lost, he's got hostile aliens on his tail, and the stench of betrayal all around him. Can he trust the woman who told him to trust no one?

Then a time quake hurls them into a nasty somewhere and some when....

Just spotted at All Romance eBooks/Omnilit in epub and mobi!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sci-fi Romance themedValentine's Day Bash at Backward Momentum

Love, Lasers, & Light Swords! That's the spirit of Backward Momentum's 1st annual Valentine's Day Bash. Come for the posts and stay to enter for a chance to win a variety of prizes!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Steamrolled Won a Reviewer's Choice Award!

"Steamrolled, has won the coveted CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award for 2011.  CataNetwork reviewers consider your book one of the best that they have read and reviewed this year."

List of winners here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SFR Brigader Darynda Jones Hits NYT Bestsellers List!

A big congratulations to fellow Brigader, Darynda Jones, for her recent release, THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD hitting the NYT Bestsellers list for hardcover fiction!

THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD was released January 31st and is the third novel in the Charley Davidson series. Her first novel, FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT, was the winner of the 2009 RWA Golden Heart Award in the Paranormal category. We conducted an interview with Darynda here on the SFR Brigade blog soon after the release in January 2011. The second novel in the series is titled SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT and was released in August 2011.

Many kudos and congratulations, Darynda!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Kicking Ashe will release March 10, 2012 and wraps up my Project Enterprise connected series of books and short stories (at least for now!). Here's the blurb:

When you save Time’s tush—or its version of one—it ought to cut you a break, not kick your tush some where and some when. Though boo yah on providing a hot guy in leather to pull that tush out of the impact crater that Ashe so did not make despite the somewhat damning evidence to the contrary. 
So, the sitrep:
   She's stuck on primitive planet
   Time Tracker suit down
   Lurch (her nanite) unable to connect to any tech (see primitive above)
   Surrounded by a bunch of buccaneer types who haven’t been around nubile, young women cause its against their law
   The one guy (Vidor Shan) she’d like to kiss on the mouth is off limits (time rule) 
   Someone gunning for Shan from somewhere in time
   And, oh yeah, some really strange meteorites are making landfall in some very strange ways. 

Seems Time has a new hobby: kicking Ashe (and shame on It for doing it when she’s down). 
Not that she plans to stay down. Or give up the guy.

More information and a contest on my website!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Evan Smith isn't the average man next door. None of the neighbors suspect the handsome father of four is the recently retired super villain Doctor Charm and that's just the way he likes it.

With minions in place so he can take over the world in November 2012 Evan is blindsided by his beautiful wife's decision to return to work. The bombshell in his bed is none other than his arch-nemesis, superhero Zephyr Girl. He's kept her at home, and in his arms, with more than just charm. In the basement Doctor Charm keeps a mind control device meant just for her tuned to Sex Kitten.

When Zephyr Girl returns to the skies, and a lab accident breaks his morality machine, what will become of his happy home life?


EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE is coming out April 4th from Breathless Press.

This is my first longer-than-a-short-story fiction piece to hit the shelves. Thank you to all the brigade members who gave me help and encouragement getting it out there!
- Liana

Monday, February 6, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Fanpage on Facebook

Our Facebook fanpage is blasting off with 91 "Likes" so far.

Pauline Baird Jones has issued a challenge to fellow members and fans of SFR:

Let's see if we can get over a hundred LIKES by the end of the day! 

Please also consider promoting our fanpage on your personal or author pages by sharing posts, etc.

Just to clarify, this is a separate Facebook entity from our two Group pages. Here's what the fanpage is all about:

Please post your publicity (including giveaways, new releases, book trailers, reviews, blog tours, etc.) Anything that would appeal to readers should go there. (Anything that appeals to writers should go on our Group page/s.)

Click here to check it out.

Links to our fanpage and both groups are also posted on the sidebar under the Facebook icon. -->

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sci-Fi Romance Tidbits

Entangled Publishing unveiled the cover for Jenna Bennett's military sci-fi romance, FORTUNE'S HERO. Check it out:

Author Jody Wallace strikes back with a "Cattification" of this cover.

At The Galaxy Express, I posted a list of free and 99-cent science fiction romance ebooks.

Finally, I had the pleasure of guest blogging at Erotic Romance Publishers with "Erotic Steampunk Romance: Fad or Forever?"

Have a great weekend!

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