Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triberr Discussion and Questions

Should SFR Brigade create a Triberr tribe?

We were wondering how members felt about forming a Triberr tribe? (Please answer the poll above if you haven't already responded to the poll posted on our SFR Brigade Facebook Group Page.)

If you aren't already on Triberr, we're asking you to hold off joining, because it costs bones to ask/join tribes unless you're new.

In comments below, please ask questions about or share your experience with Triberr if you're already using it.

Want to know more about Triberr?

Here's an article from a group of artists on how they are using Triberr:
Want to Spread the Word About Your Art? Join a Tribe

And a series of posts, much thanks to author Jenny Hansen (and thanks to Pauline for the links):
Part I: My Social Media BFF Triberr
Part 2: How Do I Splash in the Triberr Kiddie Pool?
Part 3: How Do I Rock My Tribal Stream?
Part 4: Lazing Around in the Royal Triberr Hot Tub
Part 5: The Boneyard and Other Tribey Hot Spots


  1. So far, and I've only been on their for 24 hours, I'm loving Triberr. The concept is awesome. Basically, you have an easy to use, quick and organized way to help each other reach a wider audience. The system works on karma, so by promoting for others, you encourage them to promote/broadcast for you.
    As far as I can tell, Triberr is designed and most useful for bloggers. You attach an RSS feed (or more) and that streams to your tribe members who can tweet the posts of everyone in their tribe easily and from one place.
    You get a chance to approve all posts before they tweet, so if you don't care for content from a tribe member, it wont clog your twitter either.
    They seem to still be working up new functions and expansions, but the idea has so much potential, at least for bloggers, right now.

    here is a fabulous article a Tribe of artists posted about how they've used Triberr:

  2. Excellent, Frances. Thanks for the information and your take on Triberr.

    I'll post that link above on the main post.

  3. Ok, I added the links Pauline sent too, from author Jenny Hansen.

    This is a series of short, concise posts explaining how Triberr works and how it benefits your online experience. Well worth a read.

  4. I'm on a large triberr tribe and have seen my Twitter follows increase by about 200 in the past 6 weeks. My blog hits have doubled, at least.

    I have met a whole new group of authors with decent blog followings for promo postings etc. This is a sexy romance tribe, not particularly SFR.

    While I am still figuring out triberr and keywords on blog posts etc. I have seen a slight increase in the sales I can track.

    I would definitely join A SFR related tribe.

  5. Holy cowbell, Laurie! Thanks for the links!!

    A lot of people flail around a bit on the learning curve, but I love the app and find that it saves me SO much time.

    Tweet me at @jhansenwrites on Twitter for questions. The guys at @Triberr are pretty responsive too.

  6. Thanks back to you, Jenny, for posting such informative articles about Triberr. They answered so many of my questions.

    Thanks for stopping by SFR Brigade. :)

  7. This sounds promising. I'm interested but also feel a little daunted about the learning curve (mainly a time issue in getting things set up).

    I'll go take the poll. :)

  8. I'm hoping it's a matter of investing a bit of time sooner to save tons of time later, as well as getting more eyes on posts, etc.

    We'll let the polls run for a few days and then do a tally.

  9. hey yall....thnx for talking about Triberr and running the voting thingy...I find it very interesting.

    Im here if you guys got Qs.

    Founder of Triberr

  10. Many thanks for stopping by to help us navigate the curve, Dino! That's awesome! I just joined this week and so far I have no clue if I'm even in a tribe. LOL! But I can sure see the potential and love the idea of karma and helping others as you go along. :-)

  11. I've been on Triberr for about six months, and my blog readership is about 10x higher than before. I can look at my blog stats and see a spike where I started that hasn't fallen since. I love it. It's easy to use and I'm in two good tribes. If you are looking for a way to start a tribe and aren't on there now, let me know. I have a tribe that's empty and no one to fill it. Have been trying to decide what to do with it.

  12. Thanks for your thoughts, Kayelle, and welcome!

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to give Triberr a whirl. Just waiting for Pauline to chime back in. Maybe we can utilize your empty tribe?

  13. Results of the blog poll:

    I'm already on Triberr and haven't had time to really maximize it.
    2 (13%) + 2 = 4

    I'm already on Triberr and its working great for me.
    3 (20%) + 0 = 3

    I'm already on Triberr and don't have time for another tribe
    0 (0%) + 0 = 0

    I'm already on Triberr and its NOT working great for me.
    0 (0%) + 0 = 0

    I'm not on Triberr but very interested.
    6 (40%) + 2 = 8

    I'm not on Triberr and not interested.
    4 (26%) + 0 = 4

    I'm not sure what Triberr is or what it does.
    [Not posted] + 11 = 11

    I think the consensus is that Triberr is something many members may be interested in exploring.

    If you're interested in getting an invitation to Triberr, please post below.

    I'll start. *raises hand* I'd love an invite.

  14. I'd be in this like a flash. We need to unite to have an impact.

  15. I'm home and will try to figure out how to get everyone invited. Been trying to build up my bones, so I can start a tribe and get people in it!

  16. I'd love to be included. I check my Tribe stream several times a day and am diligent about posting and visiting blogs. It's actually how I ended up here. :)

  17. Yes thanks - could you invite me too?

  18. I've emailed the Triberr founder to pose our question on pooling or donating bones to get a SFR Brigade tribe started.

    I let you know the response, or he may reply directly to this thread.

  19. Let me make sure I understand what you're saying....

    You would like to share the responsibility of managing the tribe?

    If thats the case then the answer is no. At least not at this time.

    The capability to have the Chief and a "second in command" has come up before and will probably be built sometime in the future, but for now, only the Chief of the tribe can invite people to his or her tribe.

    When inviting outsiders it's free, when Inbreeding, it costs 15 Bones. I think creating a new tribe is 40 Bones. The 90 Bones cost has been deprecated.

    As for getting more Bones, the Chief can purchase the Bones, (the "uncreative" route :-), or earn them.

    Being useful to others inside Bonfires is one way, writing an article for will get you 500 Bones, and there are other random ways in Bones can be earned just by being good to the community.

    Hope all this makes sense... :-)

  20. Thanks so much for your response, Dino. Very helpful.

    So I think we need to decide a couple of things:

    Who would like to be the chief of the SFR Brigade tribe by creating the tribe? (We need to coordinate this so more than one tribe isn't created which would splinter the group and waste bones.)

    Who will invite those who want to be invited to Triberr? (I think this is free?)

  21. I will donate bones to invite a few members in. Those will cost 15 bones each and I can do say three. We don't have that many of us that will cost.
    Most of the invites will be totally free, so... we just need a tribal leader, and I believe that get a starter tribe for free too. So the only bones we need to spend is to get the already triberr members into the tribe. I think there's only three or four of us that will cost to add.

  22. Keep in mind that it costs the person asking and the person being asked, 15 bones to join a tribe. They explained why they do this and it makes sense. I wish I could get him to explain how to get my 15 bones back from double joining a tribe!

    I'd be happy to be the chief, but right now I only have 72 bones. 40 bones to inbreed, that would only allow me to invite 2 more people. i guess i could buy some bones to get us started, since i don't have time right now to write an article! i have been actively sharing my tribe, but don't quite get the bonfires thing yet.

  23. I must say, it would be nice if we could get it going. Be a LOT faster to share/like etc members blogs if we had this going!

  24. Thanks, Frances and Pauline.

    So, step #1 is to invite those not already in Triberr in?

    Frances, just want to clarify what you said. One of the new members can then open a starter tribe for free?

  25. Step one is to create the tribe. Then see if it costs to make it joinable (inbreeding). If it doesn't cost for that, then I can invite anyone. (Frances, you can't donate bones. We could donate cash to buy bones, but it's only ten bucks to buy bones, so that's not a huge problem IMHO.)

    What we need is a list of people who a) aren't members of Triberr with email addys to invite. b) a list of members who ARE members who want to join the tribe. Then we can move forward. So either I or Frances wants to set up tribe? Your call Frances. I can do it or you can.

    Also, everyone who joins automatically becomes their own tribe. What we want to do is set up a brand tribe: science fiction romance. or come up with a fun name? Otherwise the tribe will be the members name. (at least, that is my understanding!)


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