Friday, March 30, 2012

Who was your first?

Go ahead, you can tell...

Who was your first SFR author? What was the title that introduced you to the magic of love at the speed of light?

For me it was CORDELIA's HONOR. I was a hardcore sci-fi reader and I loved the extra depth Cordelia and Aral's relationship added to the story. Suddenly there was more than just tactics and explosions, there were tactics, explosions, and emotional layers! I was hooked.

So, go on, tell us where you got hooked!

P.S. - If you have read CORDELIA's HONOR I need to know who the history books will list as the first female to hit a high military rank in the Barrayaran army is. KD Sarge and I were discussing and can't decide it was Dru or Elena. They both worked for Illyan at some point, but did Dru ever have rank?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop Update

A huge thank you to everyone who voted and/or commented on the proposed hop, and especially those who volunteered to help. I've now set up two pages on the blog - one for signing up to the hop for those interested in participating, and the other with some rough guidelines. If you need more information or feel something has been missed out, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brigade Member, Marlene Harris

Please give a warm, Brigade welcome to our new member, Marlene Harris. She'll be having a blogo-birthday party in April, so check out her link below as well. :) Welcome, Marlene!

Please tell us a little about yourself

I am a blogger, so yes, I am a writer. But I write about SFR, rather than writing SFR. I am also a librarian. I review books for Library Journal, I also provide webinars and workshops for libraries about the importance of genre fiction (like SFR!) and ways to get more and different ebooks into their libraries besides just the bestsellers.

I guess that officially makes me a professional book pusher.

I'm happily married to the love of my life. Who occasionally gets mentioned in the blog. Galen is my husband and also my bestest and most favorite techie. We're both fairly geeky.

On that geeky side, I love role playing games, particularly of the console variety. I am addicted to Dragon Age, and I still get out Final Fantasy X every once in a while. Gaming is one of my vices.

 We also have (or are had by) four cats, Erasmus, LaZorra, Sophie and Mellie, who sometimes get blogged about as well.

I've written about Erasmus' recently in "The Bargain we Make" Erasmus has cancer, and he's living on borrowed time. We're making it the very best time for him that we can.

Besides reading, blogging and being staff for the cats, we move a lot. In the last ten years we've moved from Chicago to Anchorage to Tallahassee to Chicago to Gainesville (FL) to Atlanta. We seem to have itchy feet.

We’d love to hear more about your book, 

Since I'm a blogger and not an author, you're going to hear about my other recent stuff instead that's SFR related, at least if you squint. In an interview over at Lindsay Buroker's site, I was able to answer a lot of questions for indie and self-pubbed authors about getting their books into libraries, answers that would be of interest to SFR authors, I hope!  I review at Library Journal, and my Best Ebook Romances of 2011 included Heather Massey's SFR Queenie's Brigade.  My personal 11 for 2011 Best Reads of the Year list included a lot of SFR and SF in general. I'm a fan. I push SFR on my blog, Reading Reality by reviewing it.
Would you like to share any upcoming projects (and links) 

Drumroll, please. I'll be one of the judges for the SFR Galaxy Awards, the brand-spanking new science fiction romance awards just announced by Heather Massey in her post at Mind Meld over at SF Signal and at The Galaxy Express.

I am an ebook advocate. My big project is Ebook Review Central. Every Monday I add to my database of the output of the ebook publishers, listing everything that Carina Press, Dreamspinner, Amber Quill, Astraea, Riptide, and Liquid Silver and Samhain has published since September, 2011. Along with links to all the reviews for those books. I'm working on February 2012  right now because it takes a few weeks for the blogosphere to generate reviews. So every Monday, I feature one publisher and highlight the three books that got the most buzz, had the most and/or best reviews.

What is your favorite SF book or movie?

Only one? Classic Trek. I still want a ride on the Enterprise. Not just because it was such a neat universe, but because everyone seemed to have found their purpose in life, and was working enthusiastically towards it. And because Captain Kirk was probably, I admit it, my first love.

If you could have a robot that did one chore/task and only one, what would you choose?
Housework. I want the maid from the Jetsons. I also want George's car that folds up into a briefcase, but that's secondary.

What SFR book would you most like to be stranded in and with whom?

The Pern saga, which probably isn't fair, but would keep me busy for a good long time. And Dragonflight has to be the first SFR I ever read, even if it wasn't labeled as such. But since I would want to be stranded with my husband, and he likes the Pern books too, it would all work out pretty well. We'd could trade books when we weren't keeping each other...occupied.

Second choice for a stranded partner would definitely be MacGyver. He'd "MacGyver" us out of being stranded pretty quick!

Favorite mode of fictional travel?
I still want a transporter from Star Trek. Instantaneous transport anywhere is still cool.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Laurie A. Green & Donna S. Frelick Are 2012 Golden Heart Finalists!

(cross-posting this news from The Galaxy Express)

Congratulations to Donna S. Frelick and Laurie A. Green who are finalists in the Romance Writers of America 2012 Golden Heart Awards! They placed with the following titles:

DRAXIS by Laurie A. Green (a planetary romance/alternative history story)

TROUBLE IN MIND by Donna Frelick (from her planned Interstellar Rescue series)

UNCHAINED MEMORY by Donna Frelick (from her planned Interstellar Rescue series)

Way to go, ladies! That's three science fiction romances--for the win, I hope!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catch The Exclusive Cover Reveal of Sharon Lynn Fisher's GHOST PLANET At The Galaxy Express

I'm excited to feature an exclusive cover reveal of Sharon Lynn Fisher's sci-fi romance GHOST PLANET at The Galaxy Express. Come on over and check out the sparkly new cover!

There's a bonus, too: Sharon Lynn Fisher came aboard for an interview about the cover process.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Special Sci-Fi Romance Announcement At SF Signal's Mind Meld

Hello fellow Brigaders! I'm cross-posting this news from The Galaxy Express:

This week’s Mind Meld at SF Signal covers the following topic: What’s the Value of SF/F Awards to the SF/F Community?

I was invited to be a participant this week. Lo and behold, that topic tied in very closely with a new science fiction romance event that Laurie A. Green (Spacefreighters Lounge) and I have been planning. Therefore, we decided to make our announcement slightly ahead of schedule by merging it with my answer to the question.

Head on over to discover more details about our next science fiction romance adventure! 

While there, check out the awesome and insightful answers of the other participants. I’m honored to be among a group of such intelligent women.

RT Book Reviews Gives 4 Stars to THE WATCHMAKER’S LADY

As a subscriber to RT Book Reviews, I can access the bonus content on their site. I paid them a recent visit and discovered that not only had RT reviewed my forthcoming release, THE WATCHMAKER’S LADY (Red Sage), for the May 2012 issue, but they gave it 4 stars! I’m feeling giddy to say the least.

The reviewer described the plot as “shockingly unconventional” (!) and also notes that “Readers will be surprised and delighted by the deep emotion and stunning sensuality in this story.”

Thanks for taking the time to share this exciting news with me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Proposed SFR Brigade Blog Hop

Some of you may or may not have seen or taken part in the recent St.Patrick's Day Blog Hop last week. I know a handful of Brigaders were participating, including myself. Liana Brooks suggested that perhaps the Brigade should host one of its own, and I've kind of volunteered to set it up. :-P

So I thought I'd put it up for a vote. I've suggested a Midsummer one, since this is an astronomical and mystical event that might tie in nicely with speculative fiction as a whole and allow us all a free range on the topic we'd like to post. First up, I'd like to know how many Brigaders are interested in taking part, how many are willing to offer a prize on their own blog and/or contribute to a grand prize, volunteers to help out (begging here!) etc. I've left the poll open so that you can choose as many responses as you need, and add further questions you think are relevant.

So the basic idea is - this blog will host the hop. A linky tool will be set up for all those wanting to participate (about a month in advance), into which you will need to enter your name, email and blog/website URL. All participants will be sent a copy of the code for the linky so we can all publish the list, letting visitors to our blogs hop to the next without having to keep coming back here. On the day, a post will go live here announcing the hop and with the list up so that everyone has somewhere central to come back to. Participants will write a short post on a topic of their choice related to Midsummer's Day (or maybe if you have a similar solar event or festival etc in one of your books, you can post a snippet), including whatever promotional links you'd like to add and listing your prize(s). Visitors will need to comment with their email addy for entry to your contest, and for one entry to the main prize if we have one. The more blogs they comment on, the better their chances of winning the grand prize. I'd like to suggest that it isn't a requirement for guests to sign up to newsletters/follow blogs etc as part of the conditions for entry, but that's entirely up to each participant.

Because of the time differences between some members I'm going to have to figure out some times, and how long the contest will actually run for - I'll have to get back to you on that. But, depending on the number of participants, I may need one or two peeps just to help me check all the links in the linky are up and valid - any that just seem to lead to an advert rather than a post or are broken may be deleted. At the end of the hop, I'll collect up all the entries and chose a grand winner. Each participant will be responsible for choosing and announcing the individual winner on their own blog. For an example of how blog hops work, you can check out Carrie Ann Ryan's recent St.Patrick's Day Hop here.

Now, Midsummer's Day is the 24th June which I know might be an issue for the Six Sentence Sunday peeps. But the actual summer solstice is the 20th June at 23.09. So perhaps Friday the 21st might be the best day to hold it? Or I could set it to start at the moment of solstice if everyone can schedule their blog posts to go live then. Any suggestions, thoughts etc are very welcome!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop!

I don't think Pippa Jay and I are the only brigade members on this blog hop, but even if we are, you should stop by and check out the fabulous swag being handed out. Plus... BOOKS! Lots of books!

Paranormal, romance, sci-fi... there are books to be had! *ahem* Not that any of us have time to read because we are so busy writing. Still, if you're stuck on a scene or something, maybe you could stop by during your break.

Here's Carrie's blog with all the details.

And now that you've seen it, would the Brigade be interested in hosting a blog hop eventually?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Results of the "Hit-and-Run" Blog Rule Post

The poll is now closed with 28 votes cast. Thank you for voting and voicing your opinions. The results of the poll are as follows:

I agree that "Drive-By Self-Promotion Posting Rule" should be enforced by revoking blog author privileges.
20 (71%)

I don't agree. Members should be free to post whatever content they like to the blog without being expected to interact.
1 (3%)

I'm undecided or don't care.
7 (25%)

The majority of members have agreed the rule should be created and enforced. The updated Blogging Rules have been postec on the sidebar at right. Thanks for your votes!

Blogging at Heroes & Heartbreakers

I'm at Heroes and Heartbreakers blogging about "hidden treasure" science fiction romance authors. I came up with a list of ten authors whose SFR work is worth discovering.

Y'all know me--my true list is much longer, but in order to avoid readers' eyes glazing over, it behooved me to keep the list manageable. I also decided to focus on authors with two or more titles. So if you didn't see your name on the list, there will always be a next time!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nice RT Books Shout Out for Kicking Ashe :-)

I got a nice review at RT Book Reviews and a nice shout out in an article in the Science Fiction section of the site. The article is on side kicks. (grin)

Kicking Ashe review

Keep Your Friends Close (I'm in some rather nice company in the article!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blood Tells...What?

Hi fellow Brigaders!

Today I'm over at The Writer Limits blog talking about the symbolism of blood in society and writing. I think as we continue our scientific evolution, the tie between blood and life will transition to gene and life, but for now the vampires, zombies, and werewolves have it. And don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool writing when done right.

Stop by if you have a chance and weigh in on the topic.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Proposed New Blog Posting Rule: Please Vote

This community of SFR writers, readers and fans has a happy history of not requiring a number of rules in regards to posting to the blog, other than to leave at least 3-4 hours since the last post so each has a little time at the top of the page.

Due to a number of complaints by members, I think it's time we consider a new rule for posting to the SFR Brigade blog regarding "drive-by" self-promotional links. This is the posting of links to sales pages, "buy-my-book" advertisements, promotional blogs or fanpages without any further discussion, interaction, communication, or contribution to the community.

This does not apply to articles related to book promotions, blog tours, or book discussions with sales links or any other post that provides content in addition to a promotional link, or members who regularly contribute to and interact with the community.

In other words, the rule would apply to members who post solely for self-promotion purposes without any other interaction with the community.

A poll has been posted above so community members can vote their preference. Comments and discussion are also encouraged about the purpose of or need for the new rule, but we ask that the comments be kept general and individuals or specific examples not be singled out.

This voting poll will run for one week or until 30 votes are received, whichever comes first.

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