Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Second Annual Out of this World Blog Tour

Calling all Brigaders! I'm currently organizing the second annual Out of this World Blog Tour, and I would love to personally invite my fellow SFR Brigade members to hop on board. Last year was a lot of fun, and with your help this year can be just as great!

If you have a book you are currently promoting, e-mail me at with the following information:

* Title of your book
* JPG of your cover
* Your website/blog title and URL
* Specific genre and romance/spice level (i.e. "sweet space opera")
* Short bio

I will ask that each participant host one guest author and also write one guest blog (500-1000 words about some subject pertaining to your books story, theme, etc.), as well as promote the tour via social networks.

Thanks, all!


  1. Good idea, Lisa.

    Whether I can participate depends on the timing. Right now I'm between a mystery and an MG fantasy (mystery released 7/29, fantasy coming out 10/14).

    Neither fit into the SFR sub-genre. I could give a pump on my last SFR I suppose.

    I'll stay tuned for further info.

    I will be hosting MG/YA authors of all genres in September, and pumping up in October for the fantasy.

  2. I think I'll have a cover fairly soon for a Nov release. What dates does the tour run?

  3. I'm looking to do it mid-September this year and would love to have both you gals onboard.

  4. I have a release coming out mid-October and would love to participate. Just checking with my house to see if the cover art will be done in time. If it is, count me in.

  5. I'd love to host, but I have nothing to tour. I have something out on submission... but it's for a spring release.

    :o( Sorry.

  6. Let me know via e-mail if you would like to participate. I'm working on the logistics of the tour this weekend. So far, we have seven participants, but there is room for a few more.

    Send me an e-mail at

  7. I'd be very happy to play. I have a book coming out in October - second of a series. Please drop me a line.

  8. Enjoyed the tour last year, Lisa, but can't do it this year. The hubby is having hip replacement surgery this week and I'm trying to wind things down until he recovers. :-(

    If you post the links here, though, I'll try to pop by and comment on the blogs.

  9. I'd love to participate.

    I've nothing new at the moment, as I'm working on the third in my SF series, but I do have a fantasy novella which I've just re-releaed. Would that be elligible, since it's fantasy rather than SF?

  10. My thanks to all who have participated. Submissions for this year's tour are now closed.

    Thanks so much for your continued support, everyone!

  11. I will be one of the authors both hosting and guest posting a blog this September...

    Hope you will come and meet authors and get a chance to win free books...

    Gary Starta


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