Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Girls Love Diamonds

Some girls love diamonds. This thought crossed my mind as I stood, trembling with excitement, waiting for the bookstore man to ring up my SF purchases. Okay, and one horror, but come on, it’s Stephen King for cripes-sake!

After 18 years together my hubby knows and understands...okay, he doesn’t really understand, but he knows. The key to my heart is not diamonds. Those glittery things don’t catch my heart, except when they are used for scientific purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I like jewelry. I’ll wear jewelry when we go out to dinner or I have a business function. They’re pretty and all.

No, no. The key to my heart is books, and specifically SF books. I am also endeared when he sends links to the latest science and technology stories, but you can’t really give those for the holidays.

I get as excited when I open the gift to find gift cards to my local bookstore as my best friend does when she opens up the diamond encrusted watch. (It’s true. My best friend loves diamonds. Love, love, loves them.)

We die-hard SF readers are a different breed, that’s for sure. The written word is as shiny to us as diamonds are to others. Both are representations of possibility. Possibility of what the future could be, what existence could be, and what humans could be.

For diamonds that possibility is between two people who love each other. That piece of jewelry - no matter whether it’s a ring, necklace, or watch - is a representation of what the future and existence could be for those two humans together. In SF the possibility is on a larger scale. Humanity’s scale. What the future and existence of humans will be 100 years from now, 500 years from now, and even a thousand years from now.

I don’t worry so much about hubby and I’s future. After 18 years and everything we’ve been through together, I know he’s the sticking kind of guy. And the fact that he knows - if not fully understands - how important SF books are to me tells me he gets and loves me for who I am.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whatever they might have been.


  1. My BF and I talked about this the other day. Some lady at his work asked him what he got me for Christmas, and he said an Amazon gift card. She said, "You should have got her diamonds." Um, no. I hop up and down like a crazed jackrabbit whenever someone gets me an Amazon gift card. But diamonds? I could care less.

  2. LOL...crazed jackrabbit. I'm seeing the visual. I'm more the dancing a jig kinds gal, but I can't really dance so it ends up looking like I'm having a seizure.

    Hmm. Amazon. I usually have to buy from amazon myself. Hubby isn't quite tech savvy enough to remember Amazon cards, or quite sure how to get them. The bookstore is right around the corner and a stop on the way home.

  3. AR and Lindsey,
    Liked your comments and resonate! I'd never say no to a diamond, but yeah, a cup of Starbucks and a historical romance does it for me. BTW, got a $100 Amazon gift card for Christmas. I want to head for the books and hubby wants 'to eat it.' Love him.

  4. I love it! I'll take a gift card for books any day! I hear you Jude. I love SF and Historical as well. Oh and don't forget the coffee too!

    Great post, Amber. Good to see you out and about.

  5. Yes, give me the Amazon gift card so i can load up my kindle!

    My husband is pretty trained by now. He automatically sets reminders for all sci fi TV shows, even though he prefers sitcoms, hahaha. And he takes me to sci fi movies.

  6. Oh, I love historical novels Jude! The 1900-1920s are some of my favs but I like mid to late 1800's too.

    Thanks Kaye. I'm slowing starting to get back out there. Took a while and I wanted to take it slow to ensure I wasn't getting overwhelmed too fast.

    Oh Melisse, you have to tell me your secret! I would love a mix of gift cards for local bookstore and Amazon. My hubby would take me to the SF movies, if he could fit. At 6'6" and all legs, it just doesn't work out too well.

  7. No diamonds for me either, thank you. Sadly, I didn't get books or gift cert either. I DID buy him books and the cheeky monkey complained that it was a book about war written by a WOMAN! Husband is lucky he's still walking.

  8. I can completely relate. Opal is my birthstone, so I do like them, but not a fan of diamonds. I received gift cards this year to Chapters (Canadian) and a new office chair. I was happy. :)

  9. Not a big fan of diamonds here, either. I do like amethysts, but how many do I need?

    Now, books? Can never have enough of those!

  10. I trained my parents to get me B&N gift cards. I love my books and could stretch them until August. But recently I had to be more adult and save for things like a grill and a dining room table.

    I'll be so glad when I can get books again.

    Diamonds are nice but I've found I like silver chainmaille jewelry now. I love making it.

  11. Enjoyed reading post on your blog.!


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