Monday, December 19, 2011

Poll: Self-Published SFR

The purpose for this poll is to gather information for a possible new project. We'd like to get an idea how many SFR Brigade members have or are planning to self-publish novels and/or short stories, either separately or as part of an anthology.

For the purposes of this survey "SFR" applies to the broad spectrum of Science Fiction Romance defined by the SFR Brigade, including:

  • alien romance
  • alternate history romance
  • apocalyptic romance
  • contemporary science fiction romance
  • erotica science fiction romance
  • futuristic romance
  • interstellar adventure romance
  • military science fiction romance
  • medical science fiction romance
  • near future romance
  • space opera romance
  • science fantasy romance
  • slipstream (sci-fi/fantasy blend) with technical or scientific elements
  • steampunk romance
  • time travel romance
  • young adult in any of the above
  • erotica in any of the above

(For the purposes of this survey, "SFR" does not include works with vampires, werewolves, fae, demons, angels or any entity that exists in a Fantasy, Urban Fantasy or Paranormal setting, unless there are scientific, technological, or cultural elements that define the work as SFR.)

Thanks for your response!


  1. I need a button that says "Going to try the traditional houses first but if that doesn't go well, I'm going to self-publish."

  2. Novella. 30-60K words. Too long for a short story.

  3. That would have been a good one, too, Sarah. Probably answer #4 work work for that response.

    Good point, Marva. "Novella" should have been included with the short story/anthology answer.

  4. Ugh, that should have been "would work" of course, not "work work." :)

  5. I like work work, Laurie! So are you considering self-publishing?

  6. I'm still actively pursuing the traditional and/or digital route, Kaye, but it's definitely an option.

    The poll is to help determine the number of members we have that are/will be self-published so we can find ways to support, promote and network indie authors, too. :)

  7. That's a great idea, Laurie. Indies need love, too. :-D

  8. I haven't self-pubbed any SFR titles, neither am I considering it at this time. I would, however, consider it for the right project.

    I'm fully on board with the "support, promote and network indie authors" goal. Great idea, Laurie!

  9. Thanks for your input, Rae Lori and Diane. :)

  10. Thanks to all who voted.

    The SFR Brigade will be exploring ways we can support our self-published authors in the future.


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