Monday, December 26, 2011

Light Up The Holidays ~Medieval Style~

Today I'm spending time with Jessica Subject and Light Up The Holidays! I'm interviewing my hero, Marcus from A Medieval Yule. Though this short story isn't SFR, it is really the precursor to my SFR time travel series, The Quantum Portal, which has several medieval settings.

Stop by for an interesting chat with hero, Marcus. Here's the link: Jessica's Blog

I'm also blogging today on LSAR/WC and Stuff Your Stocking With Books. My  medieval themed post is up today! Here's the link: Blogfest

Leave a comment on either blog for a chance to win a PDF download of 
A Medieval Yule

You can also visit me this season to enjoy more Medieval themed blog posts. Leave a comment on any of the posts for additional chances to win 
A Medieval Yule on: Kaye's Blog 

Here's to everyone having a wonderful Holiday! Thanks to SFRB for making 2011 a fantastic year for SFR authors!

Kaye Manro


  1. Sorry but Jessica's blog seems to be down at the moment. But keep trying because it will be back on!

    Thanks, Kaye

  2. Been there. Looks like a great story, Kaye.


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