Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 Months? Wow!

I can't believe it!

On Monday Duty and Devotion will have been out two months. "Happy R-day Nettie and Rinny!" (R-day instead of B-day, for release day.)

Duty and Devotion has received many compliments, a couple ratings, and a super great review. To celebrate, I'm going to hold a contest and will give away a couple copies of Duty and Devotion... in whatever format you wish.

What do you have to do?

Well, just contact me and let me know your favorite SF scene of all time, ever. (Ever, ever.) You can contact me either by leaving a comment here, leaving a comment on my blog ( or emailing me at

I will select the winners on the official R-Day of course, which is Monday, August 15th.



    My favorite of all time is at the end of Cordelia's Honor by Bujold... Cordelia's husband is fighting a war, their infant son has been kidnapped, and she's just seen one of her best friend's shot. She takes a sword and beheads the man responsible for everything, rescues her son, and returns to her husband's war council with the head in a bag.

    She goes in and rolls the decapitated leader out in front of his generals (who hadn't gotten the memo he was dead) and told them to end the war, or she would.

    I love the power of the scene. I love her strength. I love how she gives them no choice. They hurt her, and they threatened her child, and there is no mercy.

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  3. (Sorry about duplicate comment.) Ooh, that's a good one! Great scene, Liana!

  4. You didn't rule out movies and since I'm a visual person (not really, but I'll lie to get a free copy), my favorite scene is Ripley in the elevator in Aliens all loaded for bear. She doesn't say a word, but her everything about her says "I'm scared shitless, but I'm going to do this anyway."

    Ripley is my all-time SF favorite character.

  5. Nice, Marva! And yup, movie moment's count...whatever was the best SF moment in any medium for you.

  6. Love the end of Games of Command when Sass sees Kel-Paten after thinking he died. Sigh.

  7. (And happy r-day to your book, AR. Cool idea to celebrate that!)


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