Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cool Scifi for a Hot Summer!

Navy Seals Scifi Adventure!

Blurb for 'Fugue'

Lt. Chad Meyer and his team of Navy Seals on a simple arctic training mission in the Gates of the Arctic National Park find more than bargained for when a normal day goes awry. Attacked by an unknown and deadly force, the team
now outgunned and out manned must fight for survival.

Chad, determined to safeguard the lives of his men, must use all of his courage, will and stamina to make sure that they survive against their non-human foe.


Giving, his second in command, Chief Petty Officer Easely, a slow nod, he and the rest of the team who had become alert to the change in their behavior, prepared themselves to go.

To our nine o'clock and watch my back,” Chad mouthed, knowing they had to get to cover. They were weapon‟s poor and needed to procure safe ground if they were to make it out alive.

Easely cracked the slightest of grins, signaling to Chad that it was a given. The rest continued talking casually as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The adrenalin began pouring into Chad‟s veins. As if toying with them, the pebbles continued to fly through the air, pelting the trees in front of them. Taking one big breath, he bolted to his feet and headed towards the forest, away from the clearing. As they regrouped in the trees, they tapped each other‟s shoulder, one behind the other, assuring they were friendly and alive.

The pebbles followed them to the trees but this time with more force.

What the hell are they doing?” Easely asked in a harsh whisper.

Toying with us.”

Shit, if all they have are rocks then—” Easely said, just as an energy bolt popped a tree four feet in front of them. The smell of creosote filled the air.

Soon, the weapons fire came in barrages, pinning them. Then suddenly, bright beams of
light pierced the darkness. It was as if whoever was searching for them had a flashlight to see them. He and his team pinned their backs to the trees, unwilling to be spotted so easily. Looking toward the southern slope of the Brooks Range, the wind caused the clouds to shift at the top of one of its peaks.

Rushing down the mountain, it was not long before the frigid air reached them, causing moisture to run down Chad's nose. Shifting once again, the wind reversed its direction in the jumble of trees, and the lights went out as quickly as they came on. A barrage of fire soon followed.


  1. SEALs and SFR? Where do I sign? And why the heck didn't I think of it first!


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