Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brigaders at 2011 RWA Nationals

Tuesday night at a gathering in The View lounge,
New York's only revolving rooftop lounge.
Back row, left to right: 
Laurel Wanrow, Laurie Green and Sarah Shade
Front row, left to right: 
Jenna McCormick/Jennifer L. Hart, Donna S. Frelick,
Darcy Drake and Marcella Burnard

In the Atrium Lounge, Marriott Marquis
Left to Right:
Marcella Burnard, Laurie A. Green and J. C. Hay

At the FF&P The Gathering in the Sky Lobby
Thursday Evening
Superhero Costume Theme
Lisa Paitz Spindler (left) and Marcella Burnard (right) with Jeffe Kennedy

SFR Brigade Group Photo at FF&P Event
J.C. Hay, Laurie A. Green, Sharon Lynn Fisher,
Sarah Shade, Donna S. Frelick, Laurel Wanrow, Laura Thomson,
Danielle Meitiv, and Lizzie Newell

At the Golden Heart/RITA Awards Ceremony
Left to right:
Laurie A. Green, Sharon Lynn Fisher, and Donna S. Frelick
(Background: Darynda Jones)

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