Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Brigade on Facebook

So here's my maiden voyage onto the brigade blog. Quick intro in case you don't recognize the name, I'm Jennifer L. Hart and I write SFR as myself and erotic futuristic as Jenna McCormick. And with the help of the amazing Paula Dooley, we are working on expanding the brigade's Facebook presence. We've already set up a Facebook fanpage here. Like the page and you are free to post covers and links for anything sci fi romance. The page is intended for readers and authors alike.

Also, we are working on making the brigade group more user friendly. The original brigade group was set up under the old facebook group status and is scheduled to be archived. What this means is, all the posts will still be available but we lose all the current members.

Paula has sent out this messages to all current brigade group members.
Paula Dooley July 7
Hi - I'm mailing you because you are a member of the SFR Brigade - a group that has not been as active as it could be. The aim of the group is to spread the good word about what many think will be the Next Big Thing in romance publishing - science fiction romance.

Jennifer Hart and myself have volunteered to revamp the group. We need to switch the group over to the new facebook format and, in doing so, we will lose all the current members. Many of you are friends with either myself or Jennifer. If you no longer wish to be a member of this group please reply so that we do not add you. If you are not friends with either myself or Jennifer, please send one of us a friend request and a reminder to re-add you to the group.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Paula Dooley

We will be setting up the new group this week but we can not bring you in unless you are on the friends list with one of us! Plans for the new group are more active discussions on how/ where to promote SFR, contest announcements, setting up SFR blog tours and all sorts of other good stuff.

So if you DO want to be part of the new group you need to send a friend request to either
Paula Dooley
Jenna McCormick
Jennifer L Hart

A quick message with" join SFR Brigade group" so we know you want to be added and then we are in business!

Any questions?

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