Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Although the news has already broken, I wanted to shout it out a bit in capital letters.  Sales are definitely something to celebrate!

Congrats to Brigader Lisa Paitz Spindler on the sale of her SFR novel (which she describes as a space opera with a heroine who's a space pirate!), PHASE SHIFT (to be retitled).

Want a taste?  Here's the blurb:

Starship Captain LARA SOTO left love-of-her-life Commodore MICHIO “MITCH” YOSHIDA eleven years ago when the Star Union forced all of her kind into mandatory military service — and he didn’t take her side. Lara’s kind are Chimerans, those born with a parent from each of the known parallel dimensions: Terra and Creed. When Terra’s S.U.S. Interlace goes missing with Lara’s brother on board, she must put aside the pain of betrayal and team up with Mitch to find him.

Sounds awesome, Lisa!

Look for it to be released in Spring 2011. 


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