Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out of Time up for Book of the Week

At LASR, each week, the books with the best reviews get presented for "Best Book of the Week." If you noticed my squee earlier this week, you'll know why Out of Time is up for this vote. Voting lasts two days (Sat and Sun) and the winner is posted on LASR all week as Best Book.

Out of Time is up for voting! Visit here and pick the review you like the best!


  1. Voted. You are currently in second place, behind His Captive. Good luck, Pauline!

  2. Done, Pauline - and I'd have voted for it anyway, that is a fantastic review! Good luck!

  3. thanks so much! (It was a fun review, wasn't it? I'm still in shock!)

    Lisa, this happened to me last time! Second place. Oh well, the review is awesome, so I can live with it.

  4. Many thanks, Anna! I'm so far behind, don't think i can make it up, but I'm honored that Out of Time got such an awesome review!


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