Monday, September 7, 2015

Congrats to our Brigaders - #winners & #finalists

It's been a good show for Brigade members in contests this year. So with huge thanks to Lea Kirk who compiled the details, here's a comprehensive lists of our latest winners and finalists. To the winners, congrats! To the finalists, congrats and good luck in the finals!

The Maggie

*Janet Halpin Finalist in Paranormal

The Molly

* Kathrine Matzen Finalist in Para/TT/Futuristic

Pages From the Heart

* Colleen Myers Finalist in Published Paranormal

* Lea Kirk Finalist, 2 entries in Unpublished Paranormal

LERA's Rebecca Contest

* Pippa Jay & Lea Kirk Finalists Paranormal/Speculative/Urban Fantasy Romance (announced 9/1)


* Rosalie Redd, Finalist Paranormal. Results not up yet. (announced 9/2)

Indiana Golden Opportunity

* Janet Halpin Finalist in YA. Results not up yet. (announced 9/3)

PRISM (ended)

* Anna Hackett co-Winner with Cheryl Brooks in Futuristic

* Nina Croft 3rd place Futuristic

* Misa Buckley Winner in Novella

On the Far Side (ended)

* Janet Halpin won first in Romantic Elements, and first in TT/Steampunk with Paranormal Elements.

* Lea Kirk 2nd place Romantic Elements

* Evelyn Berry 3rd place in Hard SF/SF/Futuristic

* Rosalie Redd 2nd place in Dark/Light/General Paranormal. (aliens on Earth.)

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