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Take That Anti-Hero for a Fall

by Cathryn Cade

Some heroes are loveable right from the start, aren’t they? Stand-up guys who give their money to the local church instead of the bars, bring flowers to their sweetheart every Saturday night, love her cat and chew each bite twenty times before swallowing.

Yeah, I really don’t write those kind of heroes. Mine are more the kind that need to be tamed—by a heroine with a spine of iridium. Doesn’t hurt if she knows some fighting moves, too.

My SFR space opera heroes are as wild as the galaxy, barely tamable … even if they’re one of the wealthiest guys in that galaxy.

Logan Stark has been described as an ‘alpha-hole’, unsympathetic, aggravating and … well, you get the picture. He’s my SFR hero that readers love to hate.

And that’s okay! Because I wrote him that way. Yep, you read that correctly.

Stark is an Anti-Hero—one who can only be redeemed by suffering. And the more arrogant the man, the harder the fall.

In Book 1 of The LodeStar Series, ‘Stark Pleasure’, Logan Stark is a self-made man, a magnate not only of his world, but with businesses spread on civilized planets across the galaxy. When he meets Kiri te Nawa, he quickly decides she’ll be the next lovely woman to grace his bed. And he gets her there, because that’s how it works in his world. Did I mention he’s suave and sex on a stick?

But she doesn’t stay in her satin-lined boudoir. Because like any self-respecting heroine with a spine, she won’t put up with a man who thinks he always knows what’s best not only for himself, but for everyone in his sphere. She sets off to make her own way in the galaxy—and nearly loses her life in the process!

In Books 2 & 3, Creed of Pleasure and Captive of Pleasure, the space magnate manipulates both his younger brothers in turn into romantic relationships, setting off some mighty fun adventures in space. They get their ladies, but are not very happy with Big Bro.

And Kiri, who was teetering on the verge of coming back to him, decides she can’t watch him treat other people like pieces on a holodice board. He nearly loses his relationship with his brothers, and he does lose the woman he wants.

But notice I didn’t say ‘the woman he loves’. Oh, no. Because that would entail Stark admitting he needs this vulnerability-inducing emotion just as everyone else does. And he’s above all that.

Muwahahaha … evil author laugh. Love is the most powerful force in the Cade-iverse.

But we’ve got some work to do. Before he can have his HEA, this guy Stark must be made appreciative and deserving of love. And frankly, readers, you and I both want him to earn it the hard way. This arrogant alpha needs to lose everything to learn his lesson.

He’ll be burned to purity in the crucible of one of the most dangerous places in the galaxy—the slums of the city of his birth. Served with adversity that balances his arrogance.

Now watch as I flick my fingers and cause this titan of space travel to fall from his mighty perch. And readers, it’s a loooooong way to the bottom.

Stark Surrender; the Space Magnate’s Bride, Bk 4 in The LodeStar Series debuts April 28th

He climbed from the slums of New Seattle to a life of power and wealth ... but now he must survive those cruel streets again, without even his memories to guide him.

Logan Stark has fallen from his throne at the pinnacle of a financial empire spanning the galaxy. He's lost in the filthy, crime-ridden streets of New Seattle, Earth II. Even worse, he has no memory of who he is, or how he got here. But the worst villain in the history of this city knows exactly who he is ... and Mordacity is after Stark.

Kiri te Nawa swore she'd never return to the place where she lost everything. But to help find the man she can't forget, she must put aside her new life on Frontiera and accompany his brothers back to New Seattle. Will they find Stark before he is claimed by the surging darkness in his mind, or by death? 

If you like to watch a good man fall, and then get up again, join me in the world of The LodeStar Series!


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